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better than staying obese!

At one time yo-yo dieting was thought to be dangerous; even more so than maintaining the higher weight consistently. All of the people who follow my newsletter and articles know how I feel about using the cabbage soup diet over and over.

It is not good, not good at all. I urge you not to do it for more than 7 days and only 3 or 4 times a year optimally. It is a limited diet and while it's great to jump start your weight loss, it is nutritionally dangerous for longer than a week.

There is a new attitude

Of course, a yoyo diet is not the first diet of choice for any of us. Now, as the old song says, there is a new attitude. A new research study claims that "weight cycling" is better than no dieting at all.

There is the new theory that losing weight, however, short-lived the new weight is, is better than just giving in to obesity. It is a depressing thing to see your weight go back up after reaching your goal. But, don't give in to frustration, try again. Being obese without ever losing weight again is more detrimental to your health than yo-yo dieting.

study with mice

In Boston, the Endocrine Society did a study that involved feeding mice a low-fat diet. They were compared with a group on a yo-yo diet. It was found that both groups had the same life span. There was a third group of mice who had a high fat diet.

The group of yoyo dieting mice was also compared to the high fat diet mice and there were similarities until the yo-yo group lost weight and their unhealthy traits were absent at least for the time they were at the lower weight. When the yo-yo group was at their top weight, both groups were equally unhealthy as far as body fat and blood sugar were concerned.

It is now thought that weight cycling was beneficial as compared to being continuously overweight. It is better to keep trying than just giving up and never losing weight, even if it is for a short time that you remain thin. There is now a thought that yo-yo dieting can help.

Even a temporary weight loss is beneficial

Don't think weight cycling is being promoted. It is simply better than never trying. Even a temporary weight loss is beneficial. The cabbage soup diet does help even if, as with many other diets, the results are not permanent.

Minimal weight loss can be good. In fact, losing seven percent of your weight makes it 58 percent less likely you will become diabetic. This was already discovered in a research study done in 2002.

So get with it. Start yourself on the cabbage soup diet to improve your health again.

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