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I will only eat the rice and not pasta...okay!
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your fast response. I will have the rice and I hope it really does help remove the excessive water. I am not sure what to do after day 7. I am afraid I will change back to my old habits of eating late, cleaning up my kids plates, etc. Where can I find info on what to do after the 7th day. Thanks again, Millie

Hi Millie,
it is important to cut "old behavior" after the 7 cabbage soup diet too. A very successful and easy strategy is to keep the cabbage soup at hand. Eat the cabbage soup as a starter before your meals (lunch and dinner). You will be satied sooner and won't eat as much for lunch/dinner as usual. With this strategy you can shed even more pounds over the long run.

Another great longterm strategy is low fat nutrition. This is what I prefer but there are many other options. Find here an overview:
healthy weight loss programs after the cabbage soup diet

I wish you a wise decision,
all the best,

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