Weight Watchers Program

Weight Watchers is a company, that offers an excellent weight loss diet program and an optimal way for healthy eating after the cabbage soup diet week. It’s maybe the most popular weight loss program in the world.

Motivating Group Meetings

The center stage takes a group meeting on a regular basis with other "slimming aspirants". This group is supervised by a psychological and medical trained layman, who has already successfully lost weight with exactly that program.

The individual success of each single participant is critically supervised in the group. This increases the motivation of everyone because nobody wants to stand out as a "diet breaker". With the help of a balanced and low fat nutrition and a lot of exercises fat deposits are banished.

Losing Weight with Program

This famous company has developed a special program, which makes the weight loss process easier. It is based on calorie-reduction, using the Weight Watchers points system. No foods are forbidden, although you are restricted to a certain number of daily 'points'.

Foods are signed with points. Fresh fruits and vegetables have no points for instance. But a biscuit has two points and a hamburger already five points. Particular high points have of course chocolate, chips or alcohol. Per day and week you are allowed only a special amount of points dependent on your age and gender.

Saving Points

You may also save points: 4 points per day and 28 points per week. These points you may use then for a party on the weekend. Exercises give you additional BONUS points.

Step By Step

Weight Watchers achieve their diet success with a 3 phase method. In the first phase they achieve their weight loss goal. In the second phase they stabilizise this personal weight. Herefore you pay an initial fee from 18 USD (15 Euro ) and a weekly course fee from ca. 12 USD (10 Euro). After a stabilization of the wished weight the lifetime membership stays free.

Weight Watchers Cabbage Soup

Did you know that there exist also weight watchers cabbage soups. At least on the net. If you want to check them click here!

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