Weight loss with the Protein Addition

Thank you so much for this amazing site, it truly motivates me to go through with the diet for the entire week!

My questions is regarding the protein addition, I'm on my 4th day on the basic cabbage soup, without the added protein. I would like to re-do the diet in about two weeks and try it with the protein shakes. Would I lose the same amount of weight or does the protein addition slow down the weight loss.

Your help is much appreciated.

one thing is clear - with the added protein you will shed pounds in your fat zones and protect your important muscle mass.

The cabbage soup diet with added protein is in my opinion the healthier choice and will also lead to similar impressive weight loss results.

Our recommendation however is to wait at least 6-8 weeks before repeating it. And the more often you repeat it the less impressive weight loss results you will see.

The better choice instead of repeating it several times is to use cabbage soup as a starter before your meals and switch to a e.g. low fat nutrition.
This helps to shed pounds in the long run too.

All the best,

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protein during the diet?

by Jared
(London, Canada)

Does adding protein (powder in a shake) to each day diminish the weight loss effects of the diet? If no, why wouldn't this have been in the original recipe?

Also, for a stir fry, can sauces like teryaki etc. be used in limited amounts?

Hi Jared,
no in contrast, protein helps you to burn fat instead of the muscle mass. The weight loss effect will be the same but much healthier and the switch to a new life style easier.

The orignal cabbage soup diet plan is more than 30 years old, very rigid and effective when it comes to body cleasing.

As quickstart for a healthy lifestyle however we highly recommend the newer cabbage soup diet plans with added protein.

Concerning Teryaki -

Teryaki is a mixture between
Soysauce, Mirin (a sweet japanese rice wine), Sugar, Vinegar and Seasonings. We don't recommend sauces with a sugar or high sodium content. Sugar will make you very hungry (eg. Ketchup) and sodium retains water in your body. A better option is to use low-sodium seasoning and herbs.

All the best,

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Protein Shakes - allergic to soy

by Leah

Hi, my sister and I are doing this diet together. She has a hard time because she takes a lot of medication and needs more on her stomach so that the medication does not affect her. I think the protein shakes would be good for her but she is allergic to soy. Can she use whey protein in the fat burner drink instead of soy protein.

Also, what is drinking whey? Is this whey protein?

Hi Leah,
I regret but I'm not allowed to give you here any medical advice. In case of health problems your sister should ask her doctor and tell him that she is planning to do the cabbage soup diet. She should not do it without his permission!

Generally spoken you can have of course whey protein shakes instead of soy protein shakes.

Drinking whey is the liquid remaining part of the milk after milk has been curdled and strained. It is also called milk plasma.

Here in Germany you get it in the dairy department.

All the best,

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