Weight Loss Tablets as
Appetite Supressants

Do they really work?

Most of the prescription weight loss tablets are appetite suppressants and aim to control food cravings. It's not easy to get the right picture. Read here, if and how they work.

Do appetite suppresants work?

weight loss tablets

Are you always on a diet but,
never losing weight?

Do you find comfort in food?

When you feel disappointed or
frustrated with people or events –
is the answer to eat
something sweet or salty?

If the answer is 3 x yes, then you are an emotional eater?

In this case these appetit suppresants won’t work for you.

What is more – they can cause serious danger for your health. We have reviewed the most popular ones for you.


The first is Ephedra. Though once a popular method of suppressing your appetite, it is unsafe. If taken with any other form of stimulant such as caffeine, your body becomes hyperactive and it can cause serious even fatal results.


The next is the FDA Approved Weight Loss Drug Phentermine. While it does suppress your appetite and increase your energy it also affects how your brain looks at food. Increased energy and decreased appetite may seem like a good idea to many but the long-term results are detrimental, not too mention changing how our body reacts to food naturally.


Then there is Hoodia, which is a cactus-like plant and contains the chemical called P57. This chemical targets the part of the brain that lets your body know whether it is hungry, or not.

Hoodia is highly expensive due to its growing and harvesting process. There are many products that claim to have Hoodia; however, many of these have been altered to the point where they become harmful.

Bottom line:

I’ve never tried any of these weight loss tablets, because I love to eat. Maybe I’m an emotioanl eater. And herefore the cabbage soup diet is perfect, as you can eat whenever you want…And you may achieve like me a whole lifestyle change with a cabbage soup diet week. This is almost impossible with the presented appetite suppresants.

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