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KEEP the NEW YOU permanently!

I'll reveal here longterm weight loss programs for you to KEEP the NEW YOU permanently! But that's not all. First of all I want to invite you joining my 52 week challenge for a natural weight loss. More about it in a minute!

Cabbage Soup Diet is only the kickstart concept!

I've often mentionned it. The Cabbage Soup Diet is a successful kickstart diet but not at all recommended for permanent weight control. The Cabbage Soup gives you amazing quick results.

Other diets will give you slower results. But no matter how you lose weight in the beginning, you won't maintain the loss unless you optimize your eating habits. That's why you should choose with care your optimal weight loss program.

Which one you choose depends of course on your own situation and preferences.
But wait before deciding...

52 week challenge:
Optimize your eating habits

Before you choose any longterm weight loss concept let me make you a suggestion. Let's try optimizing your eating habits together! I've created a brand new Email-Course with the most important eating habits for a natural weight loss. Don't worry I concentrate on changes and routines that are easy to implement and therefore promise the biggest effect for your health and wellbeing.

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Handpicked longterm concepts

And for those who need a program right after the cabbage soup diet read on! Find here our best handpicked longterm concepts, that we endorse after the 7 day diet week.

Low Fat Diets

Lowfat Diet Concepts have been around for many years. That's why their media interest might have decreased. But still nowadays this is one of my favorite healthy food diet options. The reason? It is not so much a "healthy diet" as a healthy eating plan. The goal of lowfat diets is to provide a balanced eating for slow, steady weight loss (i.e. fat loss, not muscle or water loss). The "healthy eating" is low in fat, high in fruits, vegetables, starchy carbs and moderate in protein.

The best advantage: There exist plenty of meals you already know which are all low fat. For easy low fat recipes click here. 

Low Carb Diets

I'm really no fan of low carb diets as I couldn't live without pasta, potatoes or other high carb food. But the low carb concept was the next hype after the low fat diets. And even nowadays it's very popular and for many the perfect longterm choice. Here is a general overview on low carb diets .

In case you are looking for low carb recipes check here some recipe ideas.


eDiets In my opinion one of the best healthy food diets online in its price range. EDiets.com, Inc. specializes in offering online subscription-based weight loss programs and diet plans plus a range of weight loss support services. These online weight loss programs are based upon individual members' personal goals, food preferences and lifestyles. Big Plus: This healthy food diets program from ediet follows the guidelines of the USDA Food Guide Pyramid. For more information on ediets klick here!

South Beach Diet

This is for you if you can't resist on meat or other protein but have no problems skipping pasta or potatoes. The South Beach Diet is a doctor-designed low-carb weight loss plan. Even though the initial stage of this diet is high protein, low-carb, it is less stringent than other well known high protein diets, like Dr Atkins Diet. Read here more about the South Beach Diet.

Weight Loss in Groups

There exist both profit-oriented and non-profit weight loss organizations who may assist you in your weight loss efforts. These organizations' customs and practices differ widely, but mostly all of them leverage the power of group meetings with regards to counseling, emotional support, problem-solving, and the passing along of useful information.

Some advocate certain prepared food or special menus, while others train how to make healthy choices from menus and while grocery-shopping.

One outstanding example is Weight Watchers.

Weight Loss Camps

If you need the group experience for weight loss motivation then check also if special camps could be something for you.
- camps overview
- camps for adults
- online nutrition courses

Don't miss in this context our special forum for healthy food diets.

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If you can't decide, then just stay with us and check our 52 week clean eating approach. Click below to learn more!

Other popular concepts

- Almased Diet
- Alkaline Diet
- Nutrisystem
- Medifast Diet
- Sonoma Diet
- The Zone Diet and
- Ediets

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