Do weight loss pills work?

The answer is no and yes! Most weight loss pills are not worth their money. But – there wouldn’t exist such a big diet pills market if no diet pill would work - dangerous side effects included.
We have reviewed some of those pills on the market.

The questions is which diet pill works for you?

Not every diet pill will work the same on each person. The diet pills have similar or the same ingredients, but humans are very different. Yes, there are certain body types, and every person falls into one of them, but that doesn’t mean each person gained the shape the same way.

Prescription weight loss:

There are prescription weight loss pills and diet pills out there and one in particular is Xenical. Xenical is a prescription that treats long-term obesity and is proven to lower blood pressure, high cholesterol, even high blood sugar. Taking Xenical after dinner stops the body from soaking up excess fats. Xenical is only for patients who are clinically proven obese. This is not an option for everyone.

Appetite Supressants

Appetite Supressants won't work for you if you are an emotional eater. Don't know if you fall into this category? Then learn it here in our appetite suppresants review.

Fat Burner Pills

Let' take a look at a typical fat burner pill ingredient: Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). Though this acid is great for livestock, their stomachs are different than ours and too much acid in people can cause serious damage. CLA has passed studies in animals for reducing cancer risk but research on humans is still in the early stages.

Fat blockers:

Fat Blockers are also an option when trying to lose weight. One such is Chitosan. Blocking fat is an unhealthy option since the body needs certain amounts of fat each day, but there also are no conclusive studies showing that Chitosan really works on humans.

Clinically proven weight loss: Proactol

Now that you have considered the rest, it is time to look at maybe the best - Proactol. With proven quality assurance Proactol also has no allergy risks involved, it is clinically proven and is available in stores. Proactol attacks the fat and keeps your body from absorbing too much while still allowing the amount you need.

It is also proven to lower cholesterol and fight food cravings, which, face it, is the hardest part in any diet. The biggest reason you need to look at Proactol is, that in both clinical studies and by users like you, it passed the test and has helped and continually helps people lose weight.

Our recommendation

I’m really no fan of diet pills and would always prefer the convenient cabbage soup diet to quickstart a weight loss and switch then to a longterm option. (not the cabbage soup diet pills.)

In our opinion there are only few reasons when you should consider weight loss pills:

- you've tried numerous diets - without success

- your BMI is higher than 35

- you have already health problems because of your overweight

And the safest, for the moment, seams to be Proactol, but I've never tried it. Although Proactol is prescription free a good advice would be that you ask your doctor before taking it (as with any other pills).

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