Forget about another Weight Loss Diet: 
Build instead smart eating habits!

Grab the 52 Week Healthy Eating Habits Plan!

The crucial question is how can you maintain your weight loss or lose even more weight in a healthy way. While the 7 days are a breeze for most of my readers – it is the time AFTER the cabbage soup diet when the real challenge begins.

Within the 7 days you’ve stopped some bad habits for a short period of time. Hopefully you loved eating fruits for breakfast. Maybe you felt that cabbage soup is good for you. Could you experience the energizing power of veggies?

It takes longer for an easy habit to form

Wouldn’t it be great if you could stick to some of these healthy habits also in the future? The truth is, it takes more than a couple of days for an easy habit to form.

In fact there are very few weight loss diets I know that concentrate on changing eating habits and routines. Most programs focus on certain food groups like low-fat or low-carbs, eating plans, dos and don’ts - but when it comes to manifesting healthy eating habits they fall short mostly.

But I have good news for you.

Get your healthy eating habits and routines on autopilot

Grab now my 52 Weeks Clean Eating Plan! It consists of 52 smart habit changes that I think matter most in the context of healthy eating and natural weight loss. It is designed to get your habits and routines on autopilot…AFTER the cabbage soup diet 2.0. That way you’ll have more time for the things that are most important for you.

And the best about it – I promise you picking only the easiest, baby-step changes, as they are more likely to stick. Get out of your comfort zone, explore yourself and find out what works best for you.

An important goal for me is that you learn how to change eating habits, and be OK with this change. And remember if you don’t enjoy a habit change, it won’t stick anyway, so it’s not worth doing.

The free plan you get when you click through on my "flagship website"

If you want to signup however to my 3-day video course you'll get also access to valuable content tailored to you. See you on the other side :-)

Much love,
Gabriela (but most of my friends call me Gabi)

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