Weight Losing Tips

more magic (snack) ideas for weight loss

Find here even more weight losing tips we recommend to apply especially after your cabbage soup diet week..

Weight Losing Tips with 10 Healthy Snacks

  • mixed dry fruits or a handful dry apricots: soft and sweet, contain a lot of zinc and carotin, fatfree

  • Kefir strawberry mix: Mix 1 cup kefir 3,5% with 4 oz. strawberries in a high pot. Taste it with 1 tsp. honey.

  • blueberry mix: blend together 1 cup low fat milk, 4 oz. blueberries and 1 small bowl yoghurt ice

  • sweet cherries (10 oz.), washed – delicious without anything

  • try a fruit or soy bar (low fat)

  • Mozzarella (1,2 oz.) with 3 radish each sliced and seasoned with pepper and parsley hacked

  • Two fresh figues with an Italian bread stick

  • honeydew melon (8 oz.) with 0,7 oz. parma ham

  • slice of crispbread with 3 slices roastbeaf (0,4 oz. each) fatfree together with 1/4 sliced cucumber.

  • Two tomatoes with 1/2 cup cottage cheese
  • Glycemic Index

  • Avoid Cola or limonades, fruit juices and beer. They all have a high Glycemic Index (GI) enticing the fat hormon Insuline.
    Ideal drinking choice with low GI: water, fruit and herbal teas, sugar free fruit and vegetable juices (mixed with 2/3 water.

  • Never drink while eating or you’ll eat more than you really need, as your meal doesn’t fill. Better. Drink enough before or after your meal.

  • Don’t forget the fibers in your food. They help you chewing healthy and therefore also optimize your eating pace. Moreover they stay longer in your stomach and let your blood sugar increase only slowly.

  • Keep healthy foods at hand like fruit or vegetables in the fridge. Eat only if hungry.

  • Avoid meal combinations with high fat plus a high glycemic index: white bread with butter and jam or cheese, croissants with chocolate, pizza, roast pork with french fries...

  • When drinking wine for a "healthy and longer life" you should prefer dry wine.

  • Nowadays I use sugar only like seasoning for taste and not for nutrition!

  • Best Fat Burners A-Z

    Read here more about fat buning foods.

    Helpful Protein

    - Short of time? Drink protein shakes and eat some fruits instead of fast food.

    - Use tuna fish only in water not in oil. Tuna tastes wonderful, is low in fat and contains a lot of valuable protein. An ideal supplement to your salad, bread or pizza.

    Try to eat 4 portions protein per day: poultry, fish, low fat cheese, milk or buttermilk, legume, CABBAGE, mushrooms.

    Diet Myths and Weight Loss Tips

    Get here some facts about the most popular diet myths!
    Find here our second part of common diet myths

    And last: Make a commitment!

    Make healthy choices a habit. The weight losing tips here might be a start for you. This leads to a healthy lifestyle! Make a commitment to eat well, move more, and get support from family and friends. Even better, start eating healthier and being active together!

    Read here how a diet journal might help you in writing such a commitment.

    If you need even more such gradual habit changes then I warmly recommend subscribing to my 52-week challenge.

    In case that holidays are approaching - read here our holiday diet tips to survive the saesonal food temptations.

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