watermelon on day 5

by Nommy

I'am on my day five of the Cabbage Soup Diet and wanted to know if having a watermelon will affect my weight loss?

Dear Nommy,
watermelon on day 5 is not a heavy cheat...chocolate would be worse ;-) but the special food order for each day makes really sense. It ensures a balanced blood sugar level through the diet days. Watermelon might disturb this effect and cause irresistable hunger cravings on the cabbage soup diet week. So please stay alarmed and if hunger occurs have another cup of cabbage soup!

Nommy, if this is your only cheat you should still see a conisderable weight loss after 7 days.

All the best,

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It works
by: Mike

I went from 250 lbs to 219 lbs in 3 weeks with this diet. Cabbage soup...Who knew!!

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Fresh watermelon juice on Day 7

by Heleen

Could you please let me know if it is allowed to have freshly made juice from watermelon? I know other melons are not allowed but maybe watermelon is?

Thank you for your reply.

Dear Heleen,
freshly made 100% watermelon juice should be fine on your last day.

Allthough the most cabbage soup diet plans don't allow any fruits on your last day...

All the best,

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