Vegetable Soup Diet

Read here if starting a vegetable soup diet for a quick weight loss might be an option for you.
Are you aware that you do not have to follow the cabbage soup alone in order to shed those excess pounds?

As an alternative you could try the vegetable soup without cabbage which is also full to the brim of nutrients and will provide your body with all the necessary essentials to remain in a healthy condition. If you fancy giving this diet a try, here is how you should go about it.

Approach 1: Replace Your Regular Meals
with the Vegetable Soup Diet

As mentioned earlier this diet is a super way to get rid of some weight and it does so by cutting down on your calorie intake. Start this diet by gently weaning yourself away from the high calorie foods you usually eat by replacing one or two of your daily meals with the vegetable soup.

If this regime is too severe for you, you could start each meal with a cup of the diet soup and then continue to eat your normal food, but halve your usual portion size. This may appear to be a small step, but nonetheless it is quite a significant one. If you are not keen on vegetables you could use chicken soup instead.

Before you actually commence the vegetable soup diet, there are some specific scientific research details you should know about to help you understand and learn about the diet you are embarking upon.

Based on The Volumetrics Diet

Barbara Rolls, a researcher in the subject of nutrition, carried out a range of studies during the late 90´s the results of which indicated that most folk tend to consume the same amount of food day in day out, and as a rule the kinds of food eaten are the same.

This particular research is what the Volumetrics Diet is based upon. When you fill up on a regular basis with foods like pizzas, burgers and sweet confectionary and then switch over and replace at least one of these meals with vegetable soup, it is obvious that some weight is going to be lost. Are you with me so far? Do you see the point I am trying to make? Even more about this fact you can read in my section "Why soup diets work."

Vegetable Soup Diet Recipes

The variations you can make with vegetable soup afford you the luxury of having so many options open to you. If you wish, you could even have a different kind of vegetable soup each and every day. In this section you'll find some ideas for you to try.

Approach 2: The Seven Day Vegetable Soup Diet

vegetable soup diet

Deciding to follow this diet for seven days, as you would do with the cabbage diet soup, is an approach which is likely to lead to success at losing weight.

On this diet you eat the soup along with other foodstuffs every day, and the secret here is to considerably vary the other foods you are eating.

Take a look at the cabbage soup diet and follow one of these plans but substitute the cabbage soup with your choice of vegetable soup.

Obviously the other foods you choose to eat along with your vegetable soup should be healthy options and fried foods and alcohol should be avoided at all times. Increase your liquid intake by drinking lots of water and unsweetened tea.

Tomato Soup Diet

If cabbage or "general" vegetable soups just simply do not hit the spot for you, then you may be interested in trying tomato soup instead.

On the tomato soup diet you are allowed unlimited amounts of this soup at most mealtimes. The soup is made by combining equal amounts of canned tomato soup with water.

For example, you can make as much as six cups of soup from two cans of tomato soup and water. If you prefer to use fresh ingredients instead of canned produce, ripe tomatoes, water and a little seasoning are the items you will need to make your tomato soup diet.

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