Tomato Soup Diet

How to vary your cabbage soup diet with tomato soup

Based on the Souper Soup diet introduced by the author Lillie Ross, the tomato soup diet is a short term weight loss plan similar in style to the cabbage and other soup related diets.

The good news is that great results can be achieved by following the tomato soup diet. This is due to the fact that the soup contains hardly any calories and next to no fat and within a period of only seven days you can lose anything from ten to fifteen pounds.

tomato soup diet

There is no unique ingredient secret to this diet - it works because you are taking in fewer calories than you normally would. However, when some dieters have tried this highly restrictive method of losing weight and then they stop the diet, they often want to binge eat which results in the weight going back on again.

7 day tomato soup diet plan

Nonetheless, the tomato soup diet is ideal for someone who wishes to shed a few pounds quickly, maybe for a special event, or just to get into healthier eating habits and it is a great alternative to cabbage soup. To give you some ideas of how to use the plan a seven day sample of the tomato soup diet looks something like this.

Day One

Breakfast - try a fruit smoothie. Blend the fruit of your choice (blueberries work well) with artificial sweetener and ice cubes and add your favorite flavoring or spice.

Lunch - make up a fresh fruit salad with all your most liked fruits. Apples, blueberries, grapes, melons and pears are ideal for this. Following on from the fruit salad have a cup of tomato soup.

Dinner - for dinner you can have fruit salad, tomato soup and a baked apple dessert. To make your baked apple dessert, core an apple, add nutmeg and cinnamon and an optional sweetener and then bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees until the apple is cooked through.

Snacks - if snacks are really necessary have fresh fruit and another cup of tomato soup.

Day Two

Breakfast - pureed tomato soup as a cold or hot drink.

Lunch - a large vegetable salad but leave out those of the starchy variety, add vinegar and your choice of herbs and spices. No oil is allowed on your salad. A cup of tomato soup is also to be taken at this meal time.

Dinner - steamed vegetables seasoned with herbs and spices and accompanied with a baked potato with a spot of margarine followed by another cup of tomato soup.

Snacks of tomato soup and raw vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, cucumber and celery are ideal.

Day Three

Breakfast - as day one

Lunch - as day one but you can have a vegetable salad in place of the fruit salad if you so wish.

Dinner - steamed vegetables, fruit salad and tomato soup.

Snacks - tomato soup, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.

Day Four

Breakfast - a delicious banana smoothie.

Lunch - tomato soup and another banana smoothie.

Dinner - a broiled or grilled banana sprayed lightly with oil such as Pam and delicately sprinkled with nutmeg, cinnamon or other similar spices, served alongside a portion of tomato soup.

Snacks - tomato soup and bananas.

Day Five

Breakfast - as day two.

Lunch - broiled or grilled chicken flavored with your favorite herbs and spices. A sauce prepared from canned tomatoes can be used as an addition to the chicken. A portion of souper soup.

Dinner - broiled or grilled chicken, fish or steak accompanied by tomato soup.

Snacks - tomato soup.

Day Six

Breakfast - as day two.

Lunch - as day two and remember - no oil is to be added.

Dinner - steamed vegetables flavored with your favorite herbs and spices and served with broiled or grilled chicken, fish or steak.

Snacks - tomato soup and raw vegetables.

Day Seven

Breakfast - unsweetened fruit juice.

Lunch - as day two but you can add a cup of cooked brown rice.

Dinner - steamed vegetables (not the starchy variety) seasoned with herbs and spices of your choice and accompanied by a cup of cooked brown rice and a portion of tomato soup.

Snacks - fresh vegetables and tomato soup.

What the US Food and Drug Administration Says about This Tomato Soup Diet

According to the US Food and Drug Administration this diet does not contain the necessary protein and calcium required as part of a healthy food intake.

Although it works as a short term way of losing weight, restricting the amounts of nutrients your body receives from food can lead to bone density problems and loss of muscle mass.

Healthy Tip:

If you would like to use a healthier tomato soup diet plan, then we recommend to check one of our improved cabbage soup diet plans with added protein. Just replace the cabbage soup with tomato soup.

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