The Negative Calorie Diet

Read here why the negative calorie diet might be an alternative quick start program for you instead of the cabbage soup diet.

If you don't like cabbage but need a good jumpstarting program there exist very few healthy program options. Check here how this diet works and if it might be a possible option for you.

The negative calorie diet theorie

All the food we eat contains a certain amount of calories. If we consume more calories than needed we grow fat. The negative calorie diet is based on the theory that certain food provides less calories than the body needs during the process of digestion.

This means if you eat an apple which contains 50 calories, your body will use 75 calories to digest it. According to the theory of negative calorie diet 25 negative calories are left in this case.

Main Food: raw fruits and vegetables

The diet is based on the consumption of fruits and vegetables. The fruits with the biggest amount of negative calories are apples, blue berries, cantaloupes, oranges and cranberries. The best vegetables are asparagus, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery and tomatoes. But as mentionned above in this program cabbage doesn't play the main part!

Jump Start to a healthy living

The positive effect of this nutrition is that it encourages healthy living. It is an easy way of eating because the food is mainly eaten raw. There is no complicated cooking, no sauce, no butter or other calories added. The eating of fruits and vegetables increases metabolism similar to the cabbage soup diet.

No scientific proof available!

On the other hand there is still no scientific proof for the effect of the diet. It is not advisable to do it for a very long time. For a few days it is acceptable. A weight loss of two pounds a day is possible by eating the above mentioned fruits and vegetables. For loosing a few pounds you gained during winter time it is a quick and healthy diet.

But afterwards it is important to return to a normal diet with a bigger variety of food such as milk products, potatoes, little meet and cereals.

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