The Cabbage Soup Diet FAQs

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Find here some important FAQs for the cabbage soup diet based on own experience, common sense and tips shared from our forum readers and contributors.

It might be a good idea to read them before starting the successful jump start diet.

And most important: In case you have any health problems or medical questions ask your doctor for permission before starting the cabbage soup diet.

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Cabbage Preparation, Cooking & Storing Tips

I don't like the cabbagey odour when cooking cabbage?
How to omit this odour you learn, when you read our helpful article on cabbage cooking.

Can I freeze the cabbage soup?
Yes. Get here more information on freeze cabbage soup.

Cabbage Soup Diet and Weight Loss

Can I really lose 10 lbs in a week with the cabbage soup diet?
That depends on how much weight you have to lose. If you are severely over weight, or have gained weight on quickly, then yes you will. If you have a few pounds to lose, then the weight loss success will be less impressive but you should see an average of 3 - 4lbs per week at least; maybe more. Check also our cabbage soup weight loss section.

I weighed on day 4 and I’ve gained a pound!
Weight doesn’t come off consistently. For some people it's better to weigh themselves until the day after you come off the diet. You may also experience a continuing loss 2-3 days after completion.

I’ve just finished the Atkins Diet.
You can do the Cabbage Soup Diet straight away, but if you’ve lost a great deal of pounds, your loss on this will be a bit slower.

Is there something wrong with me… I’m constipated!
This happens sometimes. Drink more water and soup, and if all else fails take a mild "opening medicine".

Menopause and cabbage soup diet

I'm in the menopause right now. Can I still do the cabbage soup diet?
Yes, of course you can!

Vegetarians & Vegans

I am a vegetarian, what can I eat on Day 5 and 6? Try replacing with tofu or repeat brown rice day. 

Milk Issues & Lactose Intolerance

Can I have milk?
Yes - choose the miracle soup diet plan. It allows 8 ozs skim milk or 1 low fat yoghurt a day.

I hate milk.
You need the calcium on day 4. Soymilk might be a good substitute. If you don't like it, unless you have kidney stones use a calcium substitute. Important: Follow the recommended dose exactly and don’t exceed it.

I'm lactose intolerant so I can't drink milk
Try it with soy milk or other plant based milk like almond milk. 

Diet Variations

I’m fed up of eating boiled/steamed vegetables.
There are many recipe variations in our recipe section. Check them out.

Beverages & Alcohol

Can I have unsweetened fruit juice?
Yes, but only cranberry juice. Other juices are too sweet. The best drinking advice is having water or tea.

Read here why drinking water is that effective.

Can I have low sugar/cal carbonated drinks? e.g. Diet Coke
Some cabbage soup diet plans allow them, but we don't recommend them. Many have high sodium values and your body will retain water.


I cheated! Do I have to start again?
No. Carry on with the next day.

Can I have Cereals?
1 small bowl of bran flakes (low fat, sugarfree) a day is ok. 

The Cabbage Soup Diet Alternatives

I don't like the taste of cabbage.
Switch to an other soup diet recipe without cabbage. Find here some diet soup recipes without cabbage.

New Cabbage Soup Diet

What’s this New Cabbage Soup Diet everyone’s on about.
In the meantime there exist many New CabbageSoupDiet Recipes.
One thing they have all in common is the added protein missing in the older versions. Get here more infos on the "new cabbage soup diet"

Find here a new cabbagesoupdiet plan.

Repeat the CabbageSoupDiet

Can I do the cabbage soup diet longer than that?
Please wait several weeks/month before repeating the cabbagesoupdiet. The better option would be to use the soup as a starter before your healthy meals.

Medical Questions

I’m a diabetic.
Talk it over with your doctor or nurse. Cabbagesoupdiets may not be the right option for you.

We are not allowed to give you here a medical consultation.

Cabbage Soup Diet Pills

Can I take a cabbagesoupdiet pill instead of consuming the cabbage soup? No! 

Special Tip: Our Forum

Additional informations you'll find in our cabbage soup diets forum

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