Tabatchnick Cabbage Soup

I proudly present to you a review of the Tabatchnick Cabbage Soup. This frozen cabbage soup could be a great time saver for all of you, who love the cabbage soup diet but don’t have always the time to prepare it freshly. Others are so overwhelmed in life in general that they just have NO time to cook.

Read here what makes this cabbage soup worth a closer consideration, when you are in need of a ready-made cabbage soup.

tabatchnick cabbage soup

I've finally found it!

Only recently I discovered this brand of really CHEAP, and very delicious vegan soups. One box contains two hearty individual servings.

The company is called Tabatchnick, and their soups are by far the best I've ever tasted. To be honest, the cabbage soup is not their best creation, they have far better soups available. But for our weight loss mission this soup is quite acceptable...

Their Cabbage Soup is slightly sweet…but don't get me wrong, there is nothing better than a delicious self made cabbage soup...

The best ready made cabbage soup
in the US Market

According to our researches, it is until now, the best healthy "convenience cabbage soup" in the US market that can be implemented in a 7 day cabbage soup week. This gives you a higher flexibility with your diet and you are not obliged to cook regularily a batch on your own.

Who or what is Tabatchnick

Tabatchnick is a family name and according to the box, the recipes are from Great Grandma Tabatchnick. The Tabatchnick line offers quite a few good vegetarian, vegan and kosher soups. They have more than three dozen varieties.

Healthy and pure!

It is also very healthy. It’s very low in calories and all natural!!! As ingredients they use only their own natural and pure artesian, well water, and never add any preservatives, artificial ingredients, or MSG.
Great plus: it is very low in sodium and gluten-free. And also for all Organic food lovers - Tabatchnik soups are an exellent choice!

The cabbage soup lovers dream contains in detail: Water, Cabbage, Tomatoes, Tomato Paste, Onions, Starch, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Canola Oil, Salt, Parsley, Citric Acid, Cloves, Pepper, Natural Flavorings and Spices.

Cal 90 (5 calories from fat);
Fat 1 g (0 g sat, 0 g trans);
Fiber 1 g;
Chol 0 mg;
Sodium 160 mg;
Carb 21 g;
Sugar 11 g;
Calcium 4%;
Protein 2 g.

Where to get Tabatchnick Soups

Usually you’ll find them in the frozen or kosher food section of your local grocery chain, but in the meanwhile they are also online available!

Click here to buy it online!


Each box contains two servings. My only complaint: Getting the soup out of the plastic bags after microwaving is a hassle I could live without. A more convenient packaging would be desirable.

Cooking Directions

The cabbage soup cooks in its plastic pouch in less than five minutes in the microwave, or in 15 minutes when dropped in boiling water. The result is an all-natural comfort food.

My advice:

I was surprised at how home cooked and unprocessed this Tabatchnick cabbage soup tasted, although I’ve soon found ways to even improve it. Use your inspirations to give it your own taste...or check our variation tips at cabbage soup diet recipe.

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