traveling on day 6 and 7

by Mary Jones
(Washigton DC)

I unfortunately have to travel outside country on day 6 of the diet and will reach my destination in the evening of day 6. So is it possible to have a halt and eat airplane food (will try to avoid carbs etc) then continue diet on Day 7 - by going back and eating as if it is Day 6 again and continue on Day 7 (which is actually day 8)....or should I just skip Day 6 and continue to Day 7?

Also, I love skim milk and sweetners in my tea in the morning. I know how to control my desire to eat outside the dietplan so as long as I stick to the plan for a week am I allowed to have two to three cups of tea with splenda a day and hopefully a tab of skim milk as well or if not allowed then unsweetened soy milk??

Really really appreciate if someone can answer me. Thanks!

Dear Mary,

you could stick to the diet plan even when travelling.

My recommendation for your travel will be:
1) Take with you a thermos bottle with (blended) cabbage soup
2) Prepare or Buy (at the airport) a prepacked mixed salad with some turkey, chicken, tuna (without oil) or beef in advance. Make sure that it comes with low fat dressing - otherwise limit the dressing.
Eat this salad for dinner INSTEAD of airplane food (airplane food is usually too high in fat and sodium)!
Don't forget the soup on your day 6.
3) Continue day 7 as planned.

Regarding skim milk in coffee this shouln't be a problem as the advanced cabbage soup diet plans allow low fat dairy each day. With Splenda it depends how it triggers your desire for sweets.
I would not recommend it for the csd week.

I wish you a good flight and
All the best for your diet week,

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Can we switch the cabbage soup diet days around?

I was a ding dong and started this diet on the week that included the 4th of July and another planned dinner with friends. Tomorrow will be day 4 for me (bananna day) and was wondering if I could do day 5 tomorrow and then day 4? Since July 4th is on a meat day, I believe I will be fine.

Thank you! Great web site!!

the reason for the food order given is to keep your insuline level balanced out. On day 4 usually people have big cravings for sweet and unhealthy food. That's why bananas are that important - as they are high in carbohydrates. They help you to overcome these sugar cravings. Please keep this in mind when switching day 4 and 5, and you will be fine.

I wish you a successful cabbage soup diet week,


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switching day 6 and 7

can i switch day six and day seven

It is not recommended. But if you switch day six and seven you will still see an impressive weight loss after 7 days of the cabbage soup diet.

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mixed up day 6 with day 5

by Tracey
(Randolph, NJ, USA)

I did day 6 yesterday which was day 5 for me. Can I do day 5 with the tomatoes today?

Yes, you can even add some more vegetables...

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