switch cabbage soup diet days

by Tigist
(Washington dc)

I switch day 3 today 4 is that ok ?

Hi Tigist,

the best results you will achieve when you stick to the exact diet days. The days are planned in a way to reduce possible hunger cravings. When you switch days it will be harder stick to the diet for a whole week. Please keep that in mind - and when hunger occurs, eat more cabbage soup!

All the best,

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Purpose of Each Diet Day?

by Roger
(Arlington, Virginia)

I've found the diet to be very successful, for me - dropped 8 pounds the first try, kept it off for a week while eating normally, and now finishing day 6 for the second time. If my results are good again, I'll fit the week in maybe once every second or third month until I get nearer my desired weight.

I haven't really seen this anywhere, so my real question is why are the days set in the order they are, and what are the foods allowed for that day designed to do? In other words, why only fruit on day 1, and what is that supposed to do to/for your metabolism/digestion? Why only veggies on day 2? Why beef and tomatoes only on day 5? I'd like to see the drinking portion of the diet more defined as well- what to drink on day 2 for better results? What to drink on day 6?

Thanks for a great diet. Works for me!

Hi Roger,

thank you for your compliments and congratulation for your diet success so far.

The days are set in the order as they are mainly to keep the level of insuline low (food with low glycemic index). The vegetable days don't contain any fruit sugar. This again helps to release and detoxify the body and avoids hunger attacks.

- Glycemic Index

But you may cheat a bit with low glycemic index fruits on your vegetable days 2 and 5,6,7. For example, an apple has a low Glycemic Index and should't harm your diet success when eaten additionally on day 2,5,6, or 7.

For drinking - the more the better: 2 - 3 litres water and unsweetened herbal teas per day would be great while on cabbage soup diet!

All the best,

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cabbage soup diet day 5 confusion


OK save this marriage :) My husband and I are disagreeing on days 5 & 6. He says directions say on day 5 eat meat and ONLY tomatoes as your veggy... plus the soup and water... and then on day 6 eat meat and veggies and soup and water

I say that on day 5 you have to eat an abundance of tomatoes plus veggies and soup and water... actually I feel they're pretty much the same

Please be our referee! Thanks... we need answer before our day 5 which is tomorrow!

Hi Laura,
I hope it is not too late for your marriage :-)
You are both right!

The old classic cabbage soup diet plan would have allowed only tomatoes and meat + the cabbage soup on the day 5.

Our and our reader expereriences over the years however prove, that you can eat besides of the tomatoes other vegetables too, if you like, and that this won't interfere with an impressive weight loss effect.

This fact doesn't really surprise - with the allowed cabbage soup for itself on day 5 you have already a high vegetable intake this day...why should a plus in vegetables then be contraproductive?

I wish you two all the best,
for the remaining days,


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change meat days

by paul bennett
(gloucestershire, uk)

I am on day 3 of the diet and have stuck rigorously to the rules. I have enjoyed the soup but am really craving a change and have begun to fantasise over my meat days. Will I be able to mix the meats on days 5 and 6 providing I stick with beef or chicken? Also can I use coconut milk to create a thai style version of the soup?

Hi Paul,

tomorrow is your banana diet day and this will help you a lot with saturation and sticking to this diet.

You may of course change the meat days and even substitute meat by fish - although I think meat is your favorite...

Coconut milk is a milky and sweet cooking base derived from the meat of a ripe coconut. The rich taste of the milk is attributed to the high sugar and oil contents. That's why it's not really suitable for a weight loss week. To create a thai style version try if you could use 1 teaspoon coconut milk per soup bowl - but not more than 1 tablespoon per day. This limited quantity shouldn't comprimise your diet success.

Find here even more cabbage soup diet cheats.

All the best,


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difference between Day 5 and Day 6

by Jennifer Beavers
(Springfield, OH)

If you're allowed as many vegetables as you want on any day with vegetables (including day 5 - meat and tomato day) and you're allowed as many tomatoes as you want on any day with vegetables (including day 6 - meat and veggie day). Then what exactly is the difference between the two?

Hi Jennifer,
thank you for this question - you are absolutely right. The cabbage soup diet plans mostly suggest for day 5 a meat/fish & tomato combination while they allow for day 6 meat/fish and all veggies. This strict food order should help to keep the Insuline Level low and that again reduces possible hunger cravings.

Our own experience over the years has shown, that the cabbage soup diet works excellent too, when you consume all vegetables already on day 5 (instead of only tomatoes).

In other words when you eat the same meat/vegetable combinations on day 5+6, most people will see a similar successful weight loss. (without higher hunger cravings.)

All the best,

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by: Anonymous

HI, but how do I replace meat on the the day 5 and 6 as I am a VEGETERIAN

you may use tofu (bean curd) instead of meat.

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