Sugar Addiction

Are you a sugar addict? No? Well, you better think twice. The truth is, sugar addiction is in deed a fact for most people living in industrialized Western societies. This type of addiction is so common that one can straightforwardly describe sugar as THE socially accepted pleasure drug.

similar to hard drugs it makes you calm and happy

Sugar increases the serotonin (a neurotransmitter) in your brain. The higher the level of this hormone in your bloodstream, the better you feel. That’s the reason why sugar makes you calm and happy. – And that’s also the reason why people get addicted to marijuana, cocaine and heroin!

without sugar a kind of withdrawel starts

When your blood sugar drops, your serotonin level drops, too. The body goes through a kind of withdrawal. You start feeling a little light-headed, restless and irritable. These are the same symptoms a heroin addict would show when he stops taking his drug. – Only that taking heroin is illegal and "taking" a candy bar is no problem at all.

Sugar is a drug refined from sugarcane

Yet the two have quite a lot in common. While cocaine is a drug that is refined from coca leaves, sugar is a drug that is refined from sugarcane. Both of them are natural substances. But when refined, their chemical surface area is maximized thus increasing their biological activity, making them addictive.

sugar destroys your health over time

The average American consumes about 150 pounds of sugar and related sweeteners every year. And just like the consummation of any other drug, this destroys a person's health over time. Sugar causes many degenerative diseases such as diabetes, headaches, heart disease, asthma – and of course (that's why you are here)obesity.

First step against sugar addiction: cabbage soup diet!

If you stop eating sugar, you’re drastically reducing your daily intake of calories. You will see: you will automatically lose weight even if you don’t make any other change to your diet.

Our Tip: Kickstart not only your weight loss with our successful cabbage soup diet. Grasp the great opportunity and reduce or bann the importance of sugar in your life!

Special Tip: Vitamuffins

Prefer healthy snacks like VitaMuffins. They are low-carb, low fat and very delicious. And they can stop your sugar cravings on a tasteful way...

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