Steamer Recipes

Steamer recipes and steamers have been around for some time. You havn't used a steamer until now? But you have heard already how great they are for veggies, rice and other foods? Read here why an investment in a good steamer might be a valuable decision for you - especially when you are overweight.

Steamer Cooking with taste and nutrients

For me the biggest of many advantages is: Recipes with Steamer make sure that you don't cook away the taste and nutrients. Whatever you decide to cook, it is healthier than frying chicken or fish, or boiling vegetables until all the nutrients are gone.

No extra fat for Cooking

Big plus: You don't need to use any extra fats to cook. All you need is some liquid in the reservoir of the steamer. And the liquid does not have to be water; bouillion can be used, or wine or whatever you imagine. It might even be fun to experiment with different liquids.

Steamer cooking: quick and easy

Steamer cooking does not take very long. Broccoli is cooked in 8-10 minutes, carrots in 6-10. You can do white rice in 15-20 minutes and brown rice about 50 minutes. Fish, depending on the size, is ready to eat in 15-25 minutes and chicken takes a little longer.

So, you can come home, put the brown rice in the steamer, go have a nice relaxing shower, come back to the kitchen, put in the fish, prepare one or two vegetables, stick them in the steamer, and in ten minutes supper is ready to be served.

Big variety of steamers

There exist all kind of steamers:
- Chinese bamboo steamers
- the expanding basket steamer (that is put in a pan of water and
heated over the stove)

For me the most versatile and convenient is the electric steamer-rice cooker. Especially those with several stackable steaming containers.

Time Saving Steamer with Timer

They now have steamers that have timers that can be set to start working just like the coffee makers that have your coffee made a waiting when you get up in the morning. You can have the rice already cooked when you get home so all that needs to be done is put in the fish or chicken while you relax, then pop in the vegetables and all is ready to enjoy.

Get some wonderful steamer recipes

Of course it would be a good idea to have a variety of delicious steamer recipes too. There exist many books with wonderful recipes on this theme.

"Cooking with steam" by Stephanie Lyness is for me one of the best steaming cookbooks and most important. The cabbage with bacon sauce is as simple as it is brilliant. This cookbook makes steaming a real fun and it's easy too!

Best steamer cookbook ever

Another recommendation is Marge Poore's "the best steamer cookbook ever". You'll revel in the many light and delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes this volume offers. There are recipes for such main courses as Sicilian Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Spicy Chicken with Cilantro and Mushrooms; and Salmon Steak Teriyaki, as well as others for snacks, starters and even steamed desserts. One of the book's highlights is its creative ideas for vegetables.

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