Started Cabbage Soup Diet
before 3 days

by Suheir

Hello All

Today is my third day since I started the cabbage soup diet, here is my 3 days summery

1st day

i had very hard time, eating only fruits and the more i eat the more i feel hungry, lol, but i managed to end the day with 2 bowls of soup, one for lunch and one for dinner, i didn't feel tired, or have any headache,

2nd day

It was my yup day, since i usually like to eat green vegetable, so it was not hard at all, and i have one bowl of soup for lunch, but can't drink more, too bad, i even forgot to eat my POTATO :(, i remembered it in the third day and i was no shit

3rd day

i am feeling energized, and happy i can mix soup veg, and fruit, of course no banana, i had fruit for my breakfast, soup and veg for lunch, and mix of veg and fruit for dinner, so am doing well, i feel like drinking alot of water, so far i am active and well... can't weight for tomorrow, i will have banana, which i love the most, so, so far, except for the cabbage soup which i have to add vinger and lemon, with little more salt to make it tasty, the diet is going well and easy for me,

try it, you will feel good,

good luck,


Dear Suheir,

thank you for your report that gives our readers great insights and motivation.

Please make sure to check our different cabbage soup recipes and variations. There exists for sure a
cabbage soup diet recipe that you like!

For best success it is important to eat several bowls of cabbage soup per day.

Enjoy your banana day and keep going :)

All the best,

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