Why Soup Diets Work!

7 Day Diet with Slimming Soup

7 day Soup Diets really work. Once upon a time, soup was primarily prescribed to stimulate the appetite, not depress it. Not so anymore. And ain't it great that soup - early a way to stretch tough and meager ingredients - today is one of the most reliable ways around to shed those unwanted pounds. How so?

For a bunch of reasons-all working together to shrink our burgeoning waistlines.

Eating soup at the start of a meal fills the stomach, which signals the brain to curtail appetite.

A 10-week study involving 10,000 students at the University of Pennsylvania in the late 70s gave proof to this commonsense observation. Imagine! Ten thousand contrary kids agreeing that when they started a meal with soup, they got full fast and ate less.

Big Satiety Difference between Soup and Water

The satiety difference between water consumed on its own as a beverage and as an ingredient in soup is remarkable. In an other study women were given a 270-calorie first course before lunch. On some days, the women got a chicken-rice casserole. On others, they got the same casserole plus a 10-ounce glass of water. On another occasion, they got the casserole with an extra 10 ounces of water cooked into it to make soup.

It was only the soup that reduced the calories they ate at the lunch that followed. Not only did the women consume about 100 calories less at lunch after the soup, they didn't feet hungrier later, and didn't eat more at dinner to make up the difference. In Paris, experimenters recently reported the same thing: Water as a beverage with a meal didn't enhance satiety, but the same ingredients made into soup did. Chunky soup, they found, was more satiating than strained soup.
Eating soup fools the body's natural sensors into thinking more calories have been consumed than actually have.

Eating soup is a low-calorie way of satisfying a person's need for a certain VOLUME of food.

Nutrition researcher Barbara Rolls conducted studies in the late 1990s that show people eat the same weight of food day after day, pretty much no matter what. So you can eat that weight in hamburgers or in tuna fish sandwiches or in candy bars..or you can eat that weight in soup. Now then: if you regularly choose those nice low-calorie soups-say, every day at lunch you're going to lose weight. Just that many fewer calories to burn.

Eating soup regularly or soup diets help you lose weight because it changes your eating patterns.

In 1979, Dr. Henry Jordan, behavioral weight-control specialist, made some 500 volunteers eat soup for lunch every day for 10 weeks. His findings? Soup eaters consumed fewer calories and lost an average of 20% of their excess body weight. Why?

Because soup is complicated to eat-it takes time and motor skills to consume, so you tend to eat less: You have to sit down to eat it. You have eat it with a utensil-and can only shovel in so much soup per spoonful. You can't gulp it down--because it's hot. If you put it in a big bowl, you're fooled into thinking you're eating a big portion.

Then, because it comes as a complex package of stuff-different textures, shapes, and tastes all together and all at once-you have to work it around in your mouth, not to mention worrying about slurping and slopping it all over the place.

Bottom Line for Soup Diets

- Eating soup as a first course will help you to eat less and lose weight.
- Broth-based soup is very low in energy density so you can eat a satisfying portion with few calories.
- Water, which lowers the energy density of a food, must be incorporated into the food to enhance satiety.
- Eat broth-based soup, as a first course or as the basis for a meal, as often as you feel is practical for you, or start your meals with other low-energy-dense foods, like salad, vegetable juice, or a piece of fruit.

For me of course, the best of soup diet is the cabbage soup diet. But if you don't like cabbage you may prefer chicken soup or tomatoe soup.

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