Snacks and Olives in soup recipe

by Andrea
(Munich, Germany)

Hi Gabriela,

I am on day 3 now (my scale says I have not lost anything but my jeans fits much better so my scale is lying ;) ) and I have two questions.

I never really get how to snack when I get hungry in between meals. Can I - e.g. today on the fruit/vegetable day - have just a pear or a carrot in between or does it always have to be in combination with the cabbage soup (even when say in the afternoon)?

Also, I am using one of the "Gourmet" recipes according to my (German) book (the Italian recipe) and you are supposed to put in black olives and add an olive-caper-anchovis paste to each portion. It seems a little strange to me when here on this forum olives are forbidden... I have to add that my book is already 12 years old ;) I am on the Asian version now since I already ate the Italian one (I love them both, I ate one large pot in 1,5 days - hope that is ok?).

I have to say that the soup is really good, I still really like it :))

Thank you in advance for your answer!

Andrea :)

Guten morgen Andrea!

I regret - but I've spotted your post only today. Although it is much too late for an answer I will still reply because also other readers here might profit from your questions.

Of course you can eat veggies in between of your vegetable days and fruits in between of your fruit days. We even endorse this because this helps you keep your insuline levels balanced out. Wonderful little helper are carrots!

Regarding olives in your cabbage soup - did you know that you can have 1 tablespoon of olive oil per day every day of the cabbage soup diet? Although I'm not a big friend of any pickles while on the csd - I don't think that 3-5 olives per day in your soup would harm your weight loss success. If this helps you keeping motivated and results in eating sufficient soup then this is a great strategy. But please don't exaggerate;)
The same is true for the olive-caper-anchovis paste - if you limit the intake to one teaspoon per day, then you should be fine!

All the best

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