Scrumptious Middle Eastern Cabbage Soup

by Kate Nasser

Here's a lamb/cabbage/rice soup I grew up eating in our MiddleEastern/Irish home! You can substitute beef if you want to. Delish and it stretches your dollar!!

A) Use 1.5 1b. of lamb or beef. Trim most of the fat off the lamb/beef. Cut into small bite size pieces.

B) Brown in a non-stick pan w/1 large sliced onion. No oil or butter is needed.

C) Add 2 dashes of cinnamon and mix into the browned meat/onions so that the cinnamon flavors the meat/onions.

D) Then add 2 cans diced tomatoes. Add 1.5 can of water. You may have to add more water later so it's best to use only 1.5 cans water now.

E) Stir to mix and bring to boil. Then turn down to simmer for 20 minutes.

F) Cut 1 medium head of cabbage into pieces and add to the pot. Stir in and cook on low heat until cabbage is a bit soft.

G) Add 1/2 cup of rice. If the liquid in the soup has cooked down, add 1/2-3/4 cup of water.

H) Stir in and cook on low heat until rice is almost cooked.

I) Turn off heat, keep pot covered, and let it sit for 15 min.

J) Squeeze ONE large room temperature lemon. Add to soup and stir in.

Soup should be very liquid and have a light tomato color with a light lemon/cinnamon taste.

Hi Kate,

thank you for this delicious cabbage soup recipe.
Although not a cabbage soup DIET recipe, it's a great and nutritious soup for all cabbage lovers!

All the best,

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by: Anonymous

This soup is excellent. Tomatoes & cabbage go well together. Can add lentils too.

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