Savoy and Purple Cabbage Soup with Artichokes

by Scout

2 large cans of Italian
whole Tomatoes
Savoy Cabbage
Purple Cabbage
Portabello Mushrooms
Eggplant diced
Green Peppers - cut in strips
Red Peppers- cut in strips
1 Can Artichokes
1 bag of shredded carrots
Celery 2 Stalks Optional Saute Onions
and mushrooms

Directions: in non fat spray in pan till onions are browned. In large Pot spray with non stick Pam and add in cabbage to wilt down a bit. Take the broiled peppers and chop into pieces. Add the peppers, diced celery, cabbage, onions and mushrooms in. Keep mushrooms in thick slices or they will disolve into the soup. Add in the two cans of tomatoes. At this time I add Lipton Onion Soup mix and a bit of water if it is too thick. I add a bit of garlic to the soup and sprinkle a bit of ceyanne pepper at the table if I want a spicer version.

I have a hand held mixer that I use to blend the soup to a smooth texture. If you wish variety just take out a serving and put it in the blender before you microwave or reheat.

Note: The eggplant and portabelo mushrooms give the soup a hearty rustic flavor. The Savoy cabbage is a different texture that I enjoy and the purple cabbage is a bit sweeter.

The artichokes I added in from the can are also a different treat. I omited green beads as I tried it and did not like the flavor...add in if they are a favorite of yours. ...

I feel this is the right combination of ingredients to my taste. I look forward to it each day. Give it a try!

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love the colour and taste!
by: Helen

I love artichokes - that's why this recipe is perfect for me, and it tastes really wonderful!

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