Safe weight loss program attack: 5 bad habits that crash your diet and stifle your success

For a safe weight loss program it is not enough thinking "I will never regain the weight once I lose it!"

Safe weight loss program: 5 bad habits that crash your diet

Many people are absolutely certain it will not happen to them. It is a sad truth that it can be easy to regain the weight lost in many cases. Willpower is a mighty force against temptation, but it sometimes takes more to resist the rich foods you enjoyed prior to your diet. 

Limitation can be difficult to maintain, especially when you feel the power of your success. It may seem as if it is acceptable to resume old habits. Some of my readers who achieved their goal weight after the cabbage soup diet week say, "My old habits come back to haunt me when I feel hungry for a midnight snack." 

Consider your own experience with weight loss. Before the diet, it was your habit to order pizza, or stop for a doublecheeseburger. After your success in losing the weight with the cabbage soup diet, you may feel as if you can have that one "treat" without losing all control. 

Perhaps food was your solace when something bad happened in life. Now that you have achieved something good, your weight loss, it seems unwise to let it slip away. Using that pizza to combat depression will only lead to more depression. 

There are five critical habits that may lead you from your safe weight loss program back into a life of food addiction rather than enjoying your new shape. These habits are sometimes followed in a robotic way. Each time you allow one of these bad habits to add a pound; you will be preventing yourself from enjoying your success. Remember, you were not happy carrying around those extra pounds. Now that you are rid of them, be determined to maintain your goal weight. Consider each critical habit and decide how you will deal with it.

1. Eating everything served to us whether we were full or not

During childhood, we were instructed to "clean our plates" before leaving the table. Often parents, with good intentions, filled those plates with more food than a child requires. Rather than waste food, it is preferable to take a smaller serving. Plan to take a small second helping if you are still hungry after finishing. You might find the small portion was more than enough.

When you go to a restaurant, choose a smaller meal, order only an appetizer and a salad or take leftovers home with you in a doggie bag (everyone knows some diners do not actually have a dog). Those leftovers will make a perfect lunch the next day.

2. Failing to count the calories in beverages

It is always a surprise when my readers neglect to count the many calories in beverages. Supersized fountain drinks and calorie-laden espresso coffee beverages are not consumed without effect.

Orange juice is healthy but so is an orange, and with fewer calories. One night out clubbing can add multiple calories for each alcoholic drink. There are other options you can enjoy for a small number of calories. Iced green tea is flavorful and healthy as well as low in calories.

If you want the prestige of a designer beverage, try bottled water with a slice of lemon added. You will soon grow accustomed to the change in beverage consumption just as you grew accustomed to the healthier foods you now eat.

3. Getting by on less sleep than you need.

According to scientific research you should get seven to nine hours of sleep per night to maintain your health. Your body rejuvenates and recovers from stress as well as bodily metabolic processes it goes through all day. This successfully supports weight management and a save weight loss program.

If you have insomnia, slow down all activities, even browsing on the computer, an hour before bedtime. Take a bubble bath, read an entertaining novel or pet your dog during that time. It will help you fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

4. Eating at night instead of sleeping

This is a double whammy threatening a safe weight loss program. Eating too close to bedtime prevents your body from burning fat and raises your level of stress hormones. Additionally, your digestive system slows down, which is detrimental to your health. Consume a good; hormonally balanced meal at the end of the day to fulfill your appetite enough until morning.

Not needing to munch does not mean you don't want to munch. Keep some of the snacking staples handy. Fresh fruit, all-grain cereal or air-popped popcorn are all part of a safe weight loss program and will keep you feeling satisfied with limited calories.

5. Feeling sorry for yourself

Going to dinner with friends who are having lasagna or eight ounce steaks with French fries makes it difficult to order a salad with low fat dressing and ignore the bread basket with butter the waitress places in front of you. However, who is the fortunate one? Is it you, enjoying healthy menu items or your friends who are elevating their cholesterol as they eat? Who should you feel sorry for?

It all depends on how healthy you want to be and how slim you want to stay. Now that you have done all the work regarding a safe weight loss program and accomplished your goal weight, don't let success slip through your fingers.

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