The Sacred Heart Diet

Where does this 7 day diet come from?

It’s important to be clear right away that no Sacred Heart Diet or Sacred Heart Soup Diet was used or recommended by a SacredHeartHospital in USA. And there are many such Hospitals in the country with that name.

Different names for one same diet

Actually there are several cabbage soup diets out there. Most of these versions are called simply the "cabbage soup diet". But some have surfaced under the Sacred Heart Diet, Miracle Soup Diet, Military Diet or Fat Burning Soup Diet.

It has also been called the "Rochester Diet" or the "New Mayo Clinic Diet". This site here is dedicated to our "Successful Cabbage Soup Diet 2.0".

Cabbage Soup Diet Mystery

If the Cabbage Soup Diet wasn’t developed by a major medical institution, where did it come from? Unfortunetaly we can only guess.

Some specualations

Maybe the cabbage soup diet came from an innovative dieter who invented the cabbage soup plan. He experimented with food and knew from experience which one could help lose pounds more quickly.

Or it was invented by a doctor somewhere who wanted to motivate certain people to lose weight. He came up with a cabbage soup based diet that would reward them with almost immediate results.

A good weight loss plan doesn’t need a noted author

That its origins are unclear and that the sacred heart diet was almost certainly not developed by a major health institution is a problem for some people - but this was never a problem for me! While it can be reassuring to follow a diet planned by an expert, it is still important to keep in mind that there’s more to a good weight loss plan than a noted author...

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