Rice recipes for the cabbage soup diet

by Susie

I am searching for any information about rice recipes on day 7. Do you just eat it plain, or what can you do to make it taste good?
Also, my husband says he's dying and wants to know if he can have a diet soda today. I told him no, but he needs to hear it from another source.
This is day 7 for us and we survived so far. I think there should be more information for people that are new to this diet. We have been following the recipe and both have lost about 10 lbs. each. It's easier to do this with a partner. You can help each other not cheat. There are a few things I wanted to know about tomatoes and avocados. Since both are in the fruit group, are they allowed to be eaten on the vegetable day? I don't think so, but just wanted to confirm. Also, I think it would be helpful to see a more detailed guide for recipes for days 1-7.


Hi Susie,
sorry for answering only now...
Congratulation to you both losing 10 lbs!

In the following I'll try to answer your questions anyway.

Of course you may prepare the rice based on a low fat rice recipe with vegetables. Find here a delicious rice recipe.

Please no diet soda on the cabbage soup diet week, a lot of (mineral) water and herbal teas are the best options!

Tomatoes may be eaten on all days that allow vegetables, you may put them even in your cabbage soup every day!

Avocados however are a big NO GO!
Although very healthy, they are too high in fat.

On the successful-diet-cabbage-soup.com there exist already more detailed informations on each of the cabbage soup diet days. The day by day links on the following page lead you to a detailed day by day overview: 7 day diet plan.

I sincerely hope, that now after your successful cabbage soup diet week you two have switched to a healthy longterm diet plan. If you liked the cabbage soup then keep the soup at hand and use it as a starter before your meals. This small action will help you to maintain your weight loss or lose even more pounds in the long run.

All the best,

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