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Products measuring or restoring
acid-base balance

TRIMEDICA, AlkaMax pH Test Strips - 100 ct

help measure the daily fluctuations in your body between acid and alkaline. One quick dip in urine gives you an immediate reading of your pH level.

Trimedica - Alkamax/Alkaline Booster, 90 capsules

is a patent pending, one-of-a-kind all natural antacid and alkaline booster that can put an end to indigestion and excess acid in the body.

For Healthy Seasoning

Mrs. Dash-Original Seasoning Blend, 6.75 oz

An all purpose, versatile blend of 14 savory herbs and spices including onion, black pepper, parsley, basil, orange peel and tomato adds flavor excitement to any dish. Great for the cabbage soup, vegetables, chicken and potatoes.

Protein Shakes


Synergy Diet Multi-Protein Powder 17.60 Ounces -
my highly recommended protein supplement for best weight reduction and increased energy level with all essential amino acids to increase your sense of physical and mental well being.

Cranberry Juice

Mountain Sun Antioxidant Power, Pure Cranberry, Unsweetened, 32 Ounce Bottle (Pack of 3)

cranberry juice is the only juice you may cheat with, while on the cabbage soup diet 2.0.

Bran Cereals (optional. for the allowed cheats, excellent choice after the diet week)

FIBER ONE® CEREAL Original 4 Pack

- With 14 grams of fiber in every half-cup serving, Fiber One Original is an easy way to get more than half of the Daily Value of fiber at breakfast. And it's got 0 grams of sugar (yes, 0 grams!) and only 60 calories per ½-cup serving.

Detox Products

Allergy Research Group KingChlorella 600 chewable tablets

- for immune system support and detoxification.

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Revised International Table of Glycemic Index and Glycemic Loads