Recipe for Cabbage Soup Freezer Mix with Turkey

by Ginny Brown
(Charles City, IA USA)

Many times I have sauteed a mixture of an onion, a couple carrots, celery, green pepper, garlic, and a big chunk of cabbage; then a pound of maybe ground turkey. I end up with a BIG pan of mostly vegetables!

When cool I fill pint freezer containers & freeze them for use in making different soups or dishes according to my liking on any particular day. I can add different spices, and either a tomato or milk-based soup or stove-top meal. Very handy! Wouldn't this fit into the cabbage-soup diet?

Dear Ginny,
thank you very much for this wonderful recipe for cabbage soup freezer mix with turkey. It is a very healthy cabbage recipe that once prepared saves time and is flexible enough to be used for many different dishes.

As you add turkey ground - the only days when you could use it for the 7 day cabbage soup diet is day 5 and day 6 (meat days).

Nevertheless it is a great dish for the time after the cabbage soup diet too. It is low fat and helps you to maintain your weight loss.

Thanks again,

All the best,

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