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Which recipe for cabbage soup diet is your favorite? For your best choice, we have put together for you a cabbage soup recipe directory. Choose the one with the ingredients you love the most. Avoid those recipes which add vegetables and seasonings you dislike.

I’m convinced, that everyone can find here his personal favorite cabbage soup recipe. Part of these recipe collection we have tried and tested for ourself. The biggest part however derives from our valued readers and their own soup variation experience – mainly posted in our forums.

Classic cabbage soup recipes

cabbage soup recipe

Find here even more classic cabbage soup recipes

Cabbage Soup Recipes with or without special ingredients

- spicy cabbage soup recipes

- cabbage soup with basil, olive oil and pecorino

- Indian cabbage soup with Pav Bhaji masala and Indian seasoning

- Malaysian Cabbage Soup with cardamom and cinammon

- Cabbage Soup WITHOUT Celery

Cabbage Soup Variations &
Preparation Modifications

- cabbage soup variations based on the classic cabbage soup recipes

- fast and easy cabbage soup

- weight watchers cabbage soup

Cabbage Soup Recipes - not suitable for dieting

International Cabbage Soups - not suitable for dieting!

A russian cabbage soup recipe

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General cabbage soup recipes overview

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Many times I have sauteed a mixture of an onion, a couple carrots, celery, green pepper, garlic, and a big chunk of cabbage; then a pound of maybe ground …

chinese cabbage or bok choy Not rated yet
Can i use chinese cabbage for cabbage soup? Hi Gisele, yes of course you can use cinese cabbage for the cabbage soup. All the best, Gabriela

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I was wondering if the soup has to be cooked. I would like to take the ingredients and create a salsa with them and then use celery sticks instead of …

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I would like to know the amount of calories in the traditional cabbage soup. Hi Wanda, Per 100 ml/3,4 oz the traditional cabbage soup contains …

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Find here the original copy of the cabbage soup diet and related questions and answers from our diet forums. Can I add other vegetables …

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