Question for Day 7 (brown rice) - lost already 7 pounds

I am on day 4 of the CSD and it is going great. I lost 7 pounds so far. I read somewhere, before I started the diet (not sure if it was on here but I cant find the info)that you could skip day 7 of the brown rice if you add it into your soup on the other days.

Thus far, I have been doing just that...adding a couple of spoonfuls of the brown rice into the soup when I eat it. I'm not sure if this is something that is allowed or not allowed, but I'm not going to complain b/c I am still at a 7lb weight lose. My question is...since I have been adding the brown rice into the soup (only a couple of spoonfuls every other time I eat the soup - not every time), what should I do for Day 7. I wanted to use it as a day for just the soup and veggies and maybe some fruit...sort of a mixture of all the days. Will this ruin my weight lose?

Since I am 7 pounds down on day 4 I really dont want to mess this up. This was a kick off start to diet for me as I do weight watchers. I went off of weight watchers for 1 1/2 years and gained about 12 pounds back. So right now 7 of those 12 are gone and after the CSD I will start my weight watchers program to do a slow and steady weight lose until I reach my goal weight. Any info would be greatly appreciated! TY!

Dear TY,
wow - 7 pounds in 4 days is phenomenal.
Yes, there exist 7 day cabbage soup diet plans that allow putting brown rice to your soup each day. Usually day 7 is still a brown rice day. That means you'll have your cabbage soup with brown rice and on top veggies with brown rice too. Maybe you want to prepare a healthy mushroom dish with rice on day 7? Rice helps together with cabbage purifying your body of toxins and retained water.

Weight watchers is by the way a great longterm concept after the motivating jumpstart with the cabbage soup diet. I wish you a successful and healthy year!

All the best

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