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Soy Protein Shakes are an Excellent Way to supplement your Diet

Proteinshakes are an excellent way to supplement every diet. They’re especially recommended if you’re on our successful cabbage soup diet.

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Popular Alternative: Soy Proteinshakes

Soy Protein is one of the best ways to lower cholesterol but many people feel that this is only true if this is consumed with natural food sources.

Protein shakes however are just as effectively giving you the important soy protein, and the best thing is that they can be consumed at any time, night or day.

Soy for Weight Loss

In fact, due to its low cholesterol and low carbohydrate level, soy supports weight loss programs. Even doctors from the Iowa State University recommend it.
A recent study by this university showed that isoflavones, that are found in soy protein, are particularly effective at gaining muscle while reducing fat.

1. Soy helps decreasing the amount of fat

One of the key reasons people gain weight is due to the calories they consume. With soy protein, your cells that normally store the calories actually burn the fat that’s stored there. Combine this with an increase in your metabolism, and you'll understand why the weight drops.

2. Soy helps increasing your muscle mass.

It's a well-known fact that the more muscle mass you have, the more energy you burn - the muscles need those calories.

Since soy protein improves energy levels and burns fat, it means that muscle is easier built, and when you have this extra muscle, you’ll continue to burn excess calories. In fact, muscle is known to burn 17 times more calories, regardless if you’re exercising or not.

3. How Soy protein minimizes sugar cravings:

Perhaps the reason why soy protein is so successful results from the fact that it balances out the insulin level. That means that any sugar craving you might develop is depressed.

Since sugar cravings are one of the key factors in binge eating, the very fact that soy protein helps to control this vicious cycle makes it an effective diet supplement.

Support for your Diet Willpower!

Whatever you’re looking to achieve with your diet, I warmly recommend that you drink soy protein shakes as part of it. The extra energy levels supplied by soy protein enables you stick to the diet week more easily. You can buy the shakes either at your local health store, in a pharmacy, or online.

Replenish diminished ressources immediately!

One tip: I would recommend to drink a soy protein shake chilled, as soon as you’ve finished exercising. It is not only refreshing, but it helps also stimulating your energy levels again.

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