Polar Watch Review:

Don't exercise without a Heart Rate Monitor!

My husband and me we are both owners of a Polar watch for several years. We are happy that we may share the follwing advice with you.

Are you exercising without a heart rate monitor or do you think you are untrained? In this case this section is particularly interesting for you.

A fascinating tool

When I first got a heart rate monitor many years ago I wore it all day. I was fascinated with the ability of the pulse rate meter to look inside my body at any given moment, whether exercise or rest, and learn what was going on with my pulse rate.

Not to overtrain or undertrain

By using my pulse watch I discovered how to exercise at the ideal pulse rate for athletic training, health maintenance or weight loss. One of the most important things my Polar watch allowed me to do was not to undertrain or overtrain.....and to exercise safely.

My times for the mile or 10K have improved considerably, because I know precisely how to train at what pulse rate for how long.... no more guess work.

Ideal Pulse for Melting fat

Don’t extend your fitness training. Your ideal heart rate for melting fat should be between 120 and 130 pulse beats. That means, you are able just about to speak and aren’t breathless. As soon as you get breathless you won’t melt fat anymore but your carbohydrates instead – and for untrained people this will happen very soon after starting.

Buy an excellent Heart Rate Monitor

If you are really serious about exercises, buy yourself an excellent pulse watch. No matter which kind of cardio-vascular sports you exercise, walking, running, biking… we recommend to use it whenever you are on training.

Do you think you are untrained? Then it's extremely important to have an eye on your pulse. You should really train with an optimal heart frequency and not harm your healthiness.

Our personal advice

There are many pulse watches in the market. Prefer a Polar Watch! These watches use a breast belt and do a really excellent job. We know from our own experience that a pulse watch around your breast makes it easier to build up your personal fitness without extension. That’s why we are very conviced that buying a watch from Polar – the market leader among pulse watches – is the best choice.

I use a Polar M32 Heart Rate Monitor for beginners and for me it's simple and perfect. Unfortunately this model is from 2004 and is now obsoleted. Please consider the Polar F6, Polar FT2 or the Polar RS-100 instead. Nowadays with the Polar FT4, FT7 and FT60 there exist even some catchy models especially for women. But this is really a question of taste...

Change your life with an exciting fitness tool

Using my pulse watch has been an exciting process of learning about myself and some trial and error... watching my pulse rate meter while exercising or resting. I have no doubt that with this exciting new tool also YOU can do better and feel better in all areas of your active life! Especially for women a Polar Cardio Sports Bra is another great option.

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