pickled vegetables

by Pervin

Are you allowed to eat pickled products on Veggie days? E.G. Pickled Onions?

Hi Pervin,

even pickled onions contain sugar and/or artificial sweeteners. This turns the pickled onions to vegetables with a high glycemic index. A high glycemic index might cause higher hunger feelings - you risk to give up the 7 day cabbage soup diet too early. But this depends on the individual.

If you consume pickled products in a limited quantity (1 tablespoon on veggie day) it might be no problem.

All the best,

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Olives and Peperoncini

by Debbie
(Coral Springs, FL)

By dinner on my first day I was dying for something else to eat...Resisting the urge to cheat or give up, I had some sliced olives and pepperoncinis with my soup. WOW, what a flavorful difference! Since these are technically considered fruits, are they okay? Can I eat them on any day or just fruit days?

Also, what about balsamic vinegar on some salad for the veggie day?

Thanks for the encouragement on this site! It's awesome!

Hi Debbie,
Balsamico Vinegar on salad is great for the days with allowed vegetables: salad dressings for cabbage soup.

Olives are high in fat content that's why they are not allowed. But I think one or two oilves (thin sliced per day!) should be ok for a "healthy cheating".

When you mean with peperoncinis those in oil and vinegar the same is true as for the olives. The oil content might reduce an impressive weight loss effect.

But again, for a motivational taste you should still see good results when you limit the intake of "pickled vegetables" to 1 tablespoon per day: pickled vegetables.

All the best,

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