by Marissa
(Austin, Texas)

Hello! I just started doing bootcamps (lots of pushups and burpees) along with Zumba and require a bit of protein along with my cabbage soup diet. So the recommended protein shakes would work well.
Is a Pawpaw a mango or related to the papaya?? I do not think we have that fruit readily available in Texas. Can I exchange the pawpaw for strawberries if unavailable? At the begining of day 2 and already lost three lbs. But a little light headed and I think with the edition of the protein shakes this will help a little. Day one, night I felt horrible, a bit sickly but I think it was from detox.

Hello Marissa,
pawpaw is similar to papaya! You may exchange it with other fruits like strawberries,
(no bananas!) - but only on the "fruit days".

On the day 4 take bananas instead!

All the best,

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Why can't I add fruit to the morning protein shake for flavour??

by Julie

Started off day one without protein powder in the house ... heading out to get some. But I did have slimfast meal replacement ... so I had one, but it really seamed like cheating since it is chocolate flavoured! Milk and protein powder sounds gross? Can I add anything to it for taste?

Hi Julie,
good question! Yes, at least at the fruit days you could add e.g. a Mango or Papaya to your protein shake if you like or any other fruits you prefer. On the banana diet day 4 you can use of course bananas too in your protein shake.

All the best,

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