Parsley Root Soup

Have you ever tasted a parsley root soup?

If your answer is no – then your taste buds have definitely missed a wonderful taste experience. Maybe you think you don’t like parsley herbs – hence you are inclined avoiding parsley root too... But let me tell you that even if you don’t like parsley herbs in general - you will love parsley root soup!

I will present to you in the following a delicious, quick and low fat soup recipe based on this wonderful root vegetable.

Sidebar: On Saturdays we usually have soup for lunch and in wintertime I prepare this kind of soup all 3-4 weeks because my family loves it so much!

Overall it is a light, and yet filling soup! Please note that my recipe here is suitable only for the time AFTER the cabbage soup diet week – as it contains potatoes...

Good Source of vitamin C and fiber

Most people - like me some years ago - don’t know exactly what a parsley root is. That’s why I want to give you here a quick overview...

Parsley root can be eaten cooked or raw and it is a member of the "Umbelliferae family", which also includes carrots, celeriac, celery, chervil, fennel and of course parsley. So it doesn't really surprise that this root is an equally good source of vitamin C, fiber and also iron.

Typical features

As mentioned, the parsley root is a typical winter vegetable. It is available fresh on the market from end of October until early spring.

In some regions, especially in Central Europe where it is most popular, you will get it all year round...

At the first glance it is similar to the parsnip (Pastinaca sativa) and it is often mixed up with it.

The root is also pale white and comes in different lengths and carrot-shaped forms.

The typical attached foliage – the „parsley“ herb itself - helps you to distinguish between parsley and parsnip root.

A special crop: Petroselinum crispum var. radicosum

The wording itself might be a bit misleading. Don’t expect your typical flat leaf parsley in your garden with this kind of root. While the roots of your flat parsley are up to 12 cm long, our here described crop (Petroselinum crispum var. radicosum) grows up to 22 cm long.

It is much more aromatic and the flavor can be described as spicy and strong: „carrot and celeraic with hints of turnip, celery and parsley leaf."

You can't compare its taste with parsnips - it is much tastier! Sorry, if I'm raving - I think I've made it more than clear how much I love this winter vegetable!

But now without further my favorite parsley root soup recipe:


Peel parsley and potatoes, clean leeks. Wash the vegetables and cut everything into small chunks. Steam veggies in hot butter, cover with broth, bring to a boil and let it simmer for 20 minutes.

At last add some salt, pepper, nutmeg and yoghurt – blend it altogether until smooth. Garnish the soup with some parsley.

Some people use 1200 ml low fat milk instead of broth for an even creamier texture. On top they add a bit more salt. But this is a question of taste!

Tip 1: Foods whose flavors are particularly enhanced by this root include beets, shallots, sweet potatoes, other root vegetables and of course cabbage! So please don’t forget to add it to your cabbage soup whenever you are looking for a tasty variation.

Tip: For a longer life just keep the leaves attached and remove them only when it’s time to use the root.


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