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After your cabbage soup diet week

Read here why online nutrition courses may support you to find the right path for a healthy eating after your cabbage soup diet week.

online nutrition courses

A nice side effect: If you book an accredited online nutrition course you can maybe start a new profession career. As a counselor with a license you can prepare yourself to help others make healthy nutritional decisions. Read here more about these fascinating courses.

Nutrition Study at your own pace

Learning online has many advantages. It helps you to study within your individual time schedule at home. The other big plus is that you might get to learn the best nutrition courses from different areas in the world, where there may be more research and know how in healthy nutrition.

Healthy Eating Club

I will not endorse any nutrition course here on my site. But I give you some great examples for online nutrition courses. I’m sure there exist many others on the net.

The first one I present to you is the Healthy Eating Club (HEC) course. The website from HEC has its base in Australia. It offers online nutrition course elements for the general public. As club member you can enter the interactive course which boosts your know how in the "science of healthy eating", good nutrition and wellness.

... Or become a nutritional counselor

At some online courses you can get certificates that will support you to become a nutritional counselor. Others are offered for your own personal growth and development. Our advise is to check carefully to ensure that the nutrition courses presented will help you meet your own, specific goals.

The Blue Heron Academy

Also nutrition courses accredited by the state are offered. Situated closer to you, (for an American at least) is the online source "The Blue Heron Academy". It offers ELearning classes that allow you to develop a career as a natural healthcare practitioner with certification. These courses center parts are holistic health, herbal medicine and fitness training. They give you even the support you need to grow up healthy children.

Clayton College of Natural Health - for free!

With the help of the Internet you have of course the big chance to pick up information about healthy living and nutrition for free. One great source is one of USA oldest natural health E-learning institutions: The College of Natural Health in Clayton. Find there great information in their Holistic Kitchen site, or sign up in Naturopathy for a full college course.

Research before spending money

What ever goal you have in mind, please do your research carefully before investing money in any online nutrition course. Some courses are accredited by state. By this you will be able to get college credits that you can use towards a degree. From others you get a certification. Your local government or state may accept this certification if you want to become a licensed nutritional therapist. But this is not always guaranteed... Be sure to verify first!

Check for student references

If you just need more background info to cook healthy for you and your beloved, you may want to contact former students to ask them if they were satisfied with the service and information they got. Almost all schools are proud to provide references, if the students have given their ok.

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