One Day Diet

Another example of a fad diet

Although it has many fans, the one day diet can actually do more harm than good. And because of the way it works, it can be classed as nothing more than a fad diet.

Starving won't do it!

Since a one-day diet basically means starving yourself for one whole day, it achieves nothing except make you all the more hungry the next again day, which in turn will probably just lead you to over-eating.

Your metabolism slows down

The reason calorie-controlled diets are the most successful is because they decrease your food intake gradually. Something like a one-day diet, which tries to reduce your food intake quickly, only increases your appetite and your metabolism also becomes slower. And you can take it for granted that whatever weight you lose, you’ll gain it and more when you eat again.

You risk a binge

The problem with one-day diets is that they only recommend things like crackers to eat, yet this will just lead to binge eating as you try to feel full on dry crackers. Others let you eat food in conjunction with diet pills, but the majority of these pills aren’t worth their cost. Again, with these pills you waste money.

You'll regain the weight in short!

Because any weight loss on a one-day diet will soon come back, we recommend a proper diet like our improved cabbage soup diet 2.0, which is ideal for quick weight loss programmes.

No recommendation!

Looking at the one-day diet as a whole, it’s easy to see it can’t possibly work. After all, any diet that offers results after just one day on the diet can’t be taken too seriously. Stick to a controlled diet if you really want to lose weight.

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