Sticking to the diet YET not losing significant weight!?

I have been 99% dilegent to sticking to this diet. I entered day 6 today, and decided to get on the scale this morning to see what the results have been thus far....
I was very upset having seen I only have lost 3 pounds in 5 days.

Is there a reason why my body would not shed the weight like my friend who is doing the diet with me? We both weighed very close to 130 at the start of our diet. Today, Day 6, she has lost 7 pounds to date and I only 3lbs.

Any suggestions as to why? We are similar in height, a one inch differential, me being taller. Her frame is more curvy, while mine more of a muscular build.

I say that I have been 99% dilegent/faithful because I have not been drinking the recommended six-eight glasses of water. Other than that, I have followed the diet religiously.

Hi Theresa,
I understand your frustration in comparison to your friend. But 3 pounds so far a are a good start! The result of your achieved weight loss you will see only the day after the cabbage soup diet.

Of course drinking sufficient water/tea is an important factor for weight loss, the more you drink the better your body detoxifies and flushes toxins of your body (fat included). A low water/tea consumption blocks this effect.

Another important factor in cabbage soup diet weight loss is your personal diet history. Somebody who has done a weight loss regime several times will loose less pounds than someone who is dieting the first time.

Dear Theresa,
what ever your weight losss result will be - see it as kick start to a healthy new life! Keep the soup at hand and use it as a starter before your meals.
By this you will shed even more pounds in the long run.

All the best,

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Doesn't work for regular people

by Tara

This diet is only good if you eat junk all the time and have a lot of weight to lose. I already eat healthily and work out every day and i ended up losing more weight the week before I did this diet just by eating my normal diet.

I didn't lose a single pound on this silly diet! But if you are not used to eating healthy foods then I can see it working. I won't be doing this again.

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