New Cabbage Soup Diet

What the heck is the new cabbage soup diet? Of course you know already the cabbage soup diet - but nowadays you’ll often find also the expression of the "new" CSD.

Is the new one better? What exactly is the new one? What is the difference to the "old" one? I’ll try to give you in the following an overview and my personal recommendation.

Marketing Gag or New improvements?

First of all, similar to the traditional CSD there exist also different types of "new cabbage soup diets". You’ll find some types on the net all claiming to be "new". You’ll find also "new cabbage soup diet" books. And of course my site also features two "New cabbage soup diet versions". More about them in a minute.

Nobody has an exclusive right on the "new cabbage soup diet". But if you look at the more serious versions they all have one thing in common: They take into account the lack of protein in the basic plan on several days.

New cabbage soup diet books

Although many followed the original diet program based on word of mouth information and notes, there are now books giving you a much safer approach to the diet program.

- The New Cabbage Soup Diet by Margaret Danbrot

- The Ultimate Cabbage Soup Diet by Madeline Cooper

- Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe Book by Majorie Daniels

Our new cabbage soup programs

But before buying any books please check my site here. You'll find here on almost hundred pages valuable information on this diet with many weight losing tips. And in addition get here also two plans from the "new type":

Why we recommend our Convenient Cabbage Soup Diet Plan?

Also this convenient plan supplies the important protein missing in the basic version. By wonderful soup, meal and snack recipe variations it helps sticking to the plan. In addition it is a detailed plan with tips concerning workout routines and relaxing. This builds an important basis for a longterm lifestyle change. Just click on the link above and try it!

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