Motivational Music and Weight Loss

Learn here how motivational music can help you with your weight loss - a phenomen that I totally underestimated for a long time.

Maybe such a kind of music is also your key for a successful weight loss. Read on!

Human beings and rhythm

We humans always have rhythm and music in ourselves. A fetus grows up while listening to the voice and heart beat of his mother. The voice of a baby develops from crying, smiling to speaking with the help of different voices from the surrounding noise and the family.

The heartful voice tune from mothers is mostly in the alto region. When someone hugs swinging a baby in about one second regularly and speaks in alto voice to it the baby usually feels comfortable.

After childhood, we maintain our health by spending our daily lives with rhythm and melody on a regular basis. When this balance misses, our soul and body becomes out of control. Each organ of our body has its own rhythm, such as body temperature, pulse, METABOLISM, blood flow, and so on.

Application of Motivational Music

Music therapy is widely applicated to many cases in health care. The typical indications in the area of internal medicine are: digestive ulcer, diabetes mellitus, bronchial asthma, chronic pancreatitis and SIMPLE OBESITY!

Our Motivational Music Tip: Allen Holmquist

A weight loss motivation music I've loved from the beginning is - among others - the one from Allen Holmquist. The music is not only motivational but Allen's voice is that calming and convincing.

It makes the thought of weight loss much more enjoyable. Don't buy it before you havn't listend to the samples at Amazon. Please buy it only, if you love this sound otherwise it won't motivate you.

Losing weight while playing guitar

Wouldn't that be great if you could lose weight just by playing guitar? Fact is that when playing acoustic guitar for an hour you'll burn just 200 calories - that is not really impressing.

But the big advantage is, that in this hour you won't eat and self made guitar music will give you a very comfortable feeling. Even if you never played an instrument before - learn to play guitar is easy and could be started at any age.

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