Motivation for weight loss: How our pals can help or hinder losing weight

A great boost in motivation for weight loss could give you the following research study conducted over the course of 32 years. It resulted in information regarding 12,067 people.

Motivation for weight loss: How our pals can help with losing weight

The Framingham study found that when one person, who is a friend, gains weight, you are likely to gain weight too. The same is true for losing weight...

The network effect

The New England Journal of Medicine made an analysis of the aforementioned social network of friends. These findings seemed to show that the closer you are to a friend who gains weight, the more weight you will gain.

If two people are the same gender, the weight loss of one friend is more influential than if they are each opposite genders. This pertains to siblings as well as friends. This cause and effect is termed the network effect for the purpose of the study.

One example was that if a best friend gained 17 pounds, you may gain 5 pounds, which is 57 percent of the 17 pounds.

This manner in which social influence affects weight gain has been noticed prior to this study. Weight loss efforts that are supported by a peer are known to be more likely to succeed. That is what was discovered for both weight gain and weight loss.

motivation for weight loss

How to benefit from this information

It is good to befriend people who you want to emulate. For example, if your kids spend time with school chums that don't do their homework, chances are your children may stop putting a value on doing theirs and their grades will suffer.

If you undergo a serious attempt at weight loss, rather than dropping your overweight friends, why not enlist their help? At the same time, you can help them to grow slimmer. When you help them to change their eating habits, there is the likelihood that it will help your efforts too.

When you consider the fact that a social network can improve or delay your own efforts at losing weight, it seems advisable to keep in contact with supportive friends, who have lost weight already, or are willing to lose weight along with you.

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