MBT Shoes - a fantastic exercise tool!

Wear Special Sandals or Sneakers and Lose Weight!

While the MBT Shoes may not be the most slimming of shoes in appearance, the specially constructed shoes may do just that to you when you wear them. I want to share here with you my experience regarding this shoe phenomen. But first, take a look!

Slimming Anti-Shoe Function

Designed by Swiss engineer Karl Muller, the curved outsoles of MBT shoes are meant to function as "anti-shoes. They do not only claim to reduce cellulite, but assist in weight reduction, improved posture and muscle toning.

Muscels in your legs and body work harder

The unique foot shape and texture of these MBT trainers make the muscels in your legs and body work harder. They shift cellulite (their curved soles work the back of the thighs and improve circulation).

So as you walk or run, you burn calories up to three times as fast and enjoy better posture and relief from backache. Even while standing the muscles continue working to gain a centre of balance.

First results after two month

Imagine walking barefoot across sand and all the efforts that’s needed and you’ll get an idea of what MBT shoes are like. The lower bottom muscles also get a workout. If you are like me and the most people, you'll see a difference within two month.

As a result, and in addition to curing back, joint and foot problems, MBTs have been found to tone the buttock, stomach, thigh and calf muscles while significantly reducing varicose veins. Curious? Read in the following how I integrated these shoes in my daily life.

Feel good all day long with MBT shoes

My husband wears MBT sneakers only when running. He says that thanks to the MBT shoes his workouts are three times more effective than without.

Of course you can, like me, also integrate MBT shoes or better MBT sandals in your everyday activities and ensure that you are toning and strengthening the muscles all day long. Running upstairs and looking the 20 times a day for the children is now a pleasure for me and no pain anymore.

My personal experience

As I can't hide my enthusiasm about these shoes I give you here a short idea which effects I observed by myself:

- I Walk more upright and got a relaxed upright posture
- my back, joints and stomach is strengthened
- I could reduce my sporting activities
  from 4 times to 2 times a week as I burn
   much more calories with wearing these shoes all day
- it helped me to reduce my cellulite
- my calves and thighs are now better defined

MBT is a fitness tool!

The MBT re-establishes the natural conditions for standing and walking. It lets your flat everyday surface become naturally uneven. You walk as if you were walking in sand, as the MBT neither supports, guides nor absorbs shock; rather it stretches, increases power and coordination of the muscle apparatus.

Through this, loads on the spine and joints will be reduced and tension will be released. The MBT is a health and fitness tool that can be used for everyday activities.

Walk more upright!

Walking more upright not only looks better but automatically makes you healthier and stronger. Your back and joints are strengthened, circulation is increased and breathing is more efficient. MBT lengthens and strengthens your whole body while standing, walking or in gentle running.

Ugliest Shoe - Best life Investment!

MBTs are the Rolls-Royce of exercise shoes. For me, the MBT shoes were the ugliest shoes I ever bought in my life, but also the best investment in shoes I ever did!

It could be a good idea investing in such shoes before starting the successful cabbage soup diet. I'm sure that they help you to stick to the program as they support the weight losing process enormously. In addition I'm convinced that they influence also indirectly your well-being.
Another option would be to reward yourself after the successful 7 day diet week with this fantastic fitness tool. 

You can get them as sandals, work shoes, hiking boots and sneaker styles.

In the meanwhile a second MBT generation is offered with new designs. These new MBT models look much better than the "protoypes" I own. See for yourself in the right column above!

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