Fruity Day with Mango

by Pinky

On the first day, am I allowed to eat as many fruit as I want? And is mango good to eat on the 7 day cabbage soup diet plan? As I've read it gives you 135 calories per mango?

Dear Pinky,
yes, you may eat Mango on your fruit days of the cabbage soup diet in limited quantities. It tastes not only great but it contains an enzyme that helps with digestion and purification of your body.

All the best,

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Mangos on fruit diet day

by Shehla

Is it possible for me to have mangos on fruit diet day?

Hi Shehla,

yes, of course you may have also mangos on the fruit diet days. And also other exotic fruits like pawpaws or fresh pineapples are allowed.

But please pay attention: mangos, pawpaws, pineapples and water melons have a high glycemic index. That means, if you eat them in too high quatities they might cause hunger pains. The better options in that case are a limited consumption or switch to fruits with a low glycemic index like apples, pears etc...

All the best,

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