Low Fat Snacks

5 simple ways to create healthy snacks

It is really hard to find satisfying low fat snacks that are also healthy, low calorie and not excessively salty.

Of course it is great to eat carrot sticks but not every day. There has to be more. Carrots have high sugar content and are satisfying for that reason. They are optimal in staying on the week-long cabbage soup diet. There are limited choices, during that week especially. When the cabbage soup diet week ends it is still a jump from bad food choices to healthy food choices.

Opt for low fat snacks but limit portions

But even after the cabbage soup diet week it can be difficult to go from junk to super healthy food items or low fat snacks in one step. I'd like to share snack ideas with you to help you find more healthy ones. No food is healthy if you eat it in too large a quantity. Eat a portion at a time of whatever you find appealing and it won't be fattening.

1. Air popped Popcorn

A crunchy snack is always satisfying. Popcorn is good as long as it's air popped. It provides some fiber and is reasonably priced. You can buy the air popper for only $25 and sometimes even less. If you want that buttery taste, add some fat free butter spray. You can even add a tiny pinch of salt. It is so much healthier than that movie theater popcorn and yet it tastes good.

If you must have microwave popcorn there are some kinds that are better than others. There are microwave bags with low fat and low salt content. Avoid the flavored popcorns such as butter flavored, cheese flavored and do not sprinkle generously with salt.

The fat and calories can add up when you add anything to air popped popcorn. It may take a slight adjustment period and then you will love it as much as you used to love the buttered variety. It is really worthwhile to invest in the air popper because I hope you expect to be thin for a long time after reaching your goal weight.

2. Kale Chips

Kale chips are, of course, vegetable based. These are really good, but eat sparingly since they are expensive. You can make them at home by putting some kale in a small amount of oil and putting it on a baking sheet. Layer it and bake it for 5 to 10 minutes in the oven. Temperature varies, but bake until it is crispy. Use this snack on the vegetable days the next time you are on the 7 day cabbage soup diet.

3. Pumpkin Seeds

How about pumpkin seeds? They are crunchy and have a pleasant nutty flavor when roasted in the shell. Tasty and nutritional is a great combination in a healthy treat. They increase energy too. Seeds from the smaller pumpkins are tastier than those from the large Halloween carving pumpkins. They are actually large squash masquerading as pumpkins. Boil the seeds in salt water, toast them in your oven and snack away without guilt.

Keep pumpkin seeds in mind the next time you are on the cabbage soup diet. One tablespoon of them in the shell is an allowed cheat each day of the diet.

4. Dark Chocolate

If you just have to fill that chocolate craving, then think dark chocolate. Carrots would be preferable but, you will be getting one good thing in the chocolate and that is antioxidants. The best low fat snacks are those bars that have the most cocoa solids in them. If there is more cocoa there will be less sugar and fat in it.

5. Apple Chips

Apples sound healthy, but when they are made into apple chips, they will be less healthy than fresh. Look for brands that are fried in canola oil without high fructose corn syrup. They may be healthier than potato chips although they are high in sugar content. Look for the one brand that is lower in sugar or better yet, eat an apple.

Unfortunately we are all tempted to eat more of what we perceive to be low-calorie or healthy snacks. Eat an appropriate portion, or again, a piece of fresh fruit, apple, orange or peach. But, sometimes only something crispy will do, so choose wisely.

One problem is that people usually eat more when they believe they're eating a healthier snack - so don't fool yourself into thinking because they're made of fruit you can eat all you want.

Do you have any healthy ideas for low fat snacks? Please share them with us!

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