lost 22 pounds so far

by Maxine

I've lost 22 lbs so far and that's including going off the diet for a week eating fattening Thanksgiving food, stuffed cabbage rolls, lasagna. I started back on the cabbage soup diet and am on day 3. Had to get on the scale this morning to see knowing I picked out last week. Still down 22 lbs so I must have taken off whatever I gained eating the guiche, spinach souffle, stuffing, turkey, pies, cookies, cakes...etc etc

My soup tastes great and I have no problem eating alot of it. My tip is to add as many other vegetables are you can to the basic onions, cabbage, bell peppers, celery & tomatos. I use 8 fresh vine tomatoes instead of canned to eliminate sodium. I add carrots, spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, parsley, basil, water and 2 cups low sodium beef broth. The vegetables seem to absorb alot of the liquid so I periodically add one cup water and one cup low sodium spicy V8 juice. My pot lasts me the whole week.

I was almost worried that I was having too many large mugs/custard cups/bowls of the soup. This last batch, although delicious, seem to have a bitter taste so today I steamed another head of cabbage in water and added the old pot to the new steamed cabbage. It's sweet and yummy.

Hoping by day 7 I'll have gotten under 150. I'll take two days off eating smart and then go back on. I look forward to the day after tomorrow when I can have some grilled chicken with a couple of spoonfuls of the soup over it.

This is truly a challenge! The rewards are tremendous. I wish everyone the best of luck on this diet. And,it's nice to come here to share or vent if you want more than just the soup.

Thanks for letting me share.
Healthy hugs, Maxine

Dear Maxine,
congrats to your lost 22 pounds so far, what an achievement.
Yes, eating plenty of soup does the trick.

I won't recommend however to repeat the cabbage soup diet so quickly, better to wait a couple of weeks. Try instead to make your healthy habits stick. You can always use the soup as starter before your regular meals. This will help you accelerate satiety.

All the best

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