List of Vegetables

by Pervin

Is there a list of vegetables and fruits allowed on the diet? It's not clear whether I can use lemons or mushrooms? A list would be very helpful.

Also what seasoning can you use on food? Can you use things like Soy Sauce or Tobasco sauce to make vegetables a little more interesting?

Hi Pervin,
a special list of vegetables you find on our
vegetable diet page. Mushrooms are allowed as vegetables. Lemons are allowed as fruits.

Soy Sauce, Tobasco Sauce, mustard, ketchup we recommend in very limited quantities (1 teaspoon per das) because of their high sodium/sugar content. Seasoning for best weight loss results is low sodium salt and herbs.

All the best,

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Okra Vegetables on Diet week

by Shawn
(Los Angeles)

Hello! Just found this site a few minutes ago and see where I went wrong the first two days! Granted, I have not really been hungry, but have had major headaches and only lost 0.8 pds (on day 3). I didn't use low-sodium items. Used regular V8, regular bouillon and Lipton - all high in sodium. No wonder! I'll make a new batch tonight with low-sodium options.

1. What about frozen veggies - can they be used instead of fresh? On veggie day and on mixed day (today), I microwave frozen bags for about 5 minutes for perfectly steamed veggies and toss with homemade salsa or add to soup for a beefier soup. Is that okay?

2. Is okra an approved veggie on the diet?

3. I absolutely loathe bananas and milk - smell, taste, texture of either. Both me sick to my stomach. Can I substitute bananas with kiwis? What about subbing milk with yogurt (I bought low-fat greek yogurt)?

Can I have tri-tip steaks on beef day (tomorrow)?

Have more questions but all I can think of for now...


Hi Shawn,

it is wonderful that you found out for yourself what went wrong for the first time. Yes, a too high sodium content might dillute the possible weight loss success in many ways.

Here are the answers to your questions:
1. Yes, you may use frozen veggies instead of fresh ones - they are just as perfect from the vitamine standpoint.

2. Okra is a flowering plant valued for its edible green fruits, that are also called gumbo or lady's fingers. This vegetable has potential to improve nutrition as it is a rich source of many nutrients, including vitamin B6, folic acid and fiber. And yes, of course you might use it also for the vegetable days of the cabbage soup diet. Find below the
Okra Nutrition Facts(half-cup cooked okra):

- Calories = 25
- Carbohydrates = 5.8 grams
- Protein = 1.5 grams
- Dietary Fiber = 2 grams
- Vitamin A = 460 IU
- Vitamin C = 13 mg
- Folic acid = 36.5 micrograms
- Iron = 0.4 mg
- Calcium = 50 mg
- Potassium = 256 mg
- Magnesium = 46 mg

3. Yes, you might substitute bananas with kiwis.
And also you should do fine with your low fat yoghurt.

4. Yes, of course you may have tri-tip steaks on your meat days, but please cut away all visible fat.

All the best,

PS: Looking forward to your additional questions

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Raw foodist vegetable recipes for the cabbage soup diet

by amber

If you look up raw foodist recipes you can find some great ideas. A lot of them use sprouted grains and nuts but you can find some that don't and they are wonderful.

Dear Amber,
raw foodist recipes are a great tip, thank you!

All the best,

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