Lemongrass Herbs

Lemongrass herbs are found mostly in Vietnamese and Thai food (although it is also popular in Caribbean food as well). They are excellent since they can be used either fresh, or dry and powdered. Although they’re perfectly suitable for curries, teas and soup, they’re also excellent for seafood and poultry dishes.

lemongrass, lemongrass herbs

High Medicinal importance

Because it has a high amount of citral, which is lemon peel’s main ingredient, it’s an excellent way to help digestive problems, as well as increase metabolism, help with depression, rheumatoid headaches and many other ailments (muscle cramps is another example).

Lemongrass is also known for its use in ancient Asian cultures, which believed in its herbal remedial powers. For instance, herbalists in both Malaysia and Indonesia swore by it, as did those that practised Ayurvedic herbalism. It’s also used in aromatherapy, where its oil not only relaxes you, with its aromatherapy uses, but also cleanses your skin, with its anti-fungal uses.

Refreshing Taste

The strange thing about lemongrass herbs is that they don’t have the same "kick" that taking a sip of lemon juice, or biting an actual lemon does. It’s actually quite a light hint of lemon, and you may even taste some ginger there too. It’s this unique flavouring that makes it so popular for dishes that include chillies or garlic.

Add it to your favorite cabbage soup recipe!

Food that really benefits from lemongrass are curries, soups made from seafood, stews and marinades. Since it has such a light taste to it, it’s often used to counter the more harsh tastes that these kinds of foods can have. It’s actually also really nice when you add it to your favorite cabbage soup recipe!

use it fresh, dry or powdered

Since lemongrass can be used either fresh or dry, it’s pretty easy to find, especially in Asian-oriented markets. Health and nutritional food stores are an excellent place to find then too, especially the fresh stalks and leaves that have so much flavour in them.


The other great thing about this her is that you can keep it in your refrigerator for up to 2 weeks, and 5 months in your freezer. When it comes to using them after being refrigerated, just soak them in some hot water to get all the flavouring back.

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