Lemon Detox Diet

Lemon Squeezy, Weight Loss Easy

The Lemon Detox Diet, also known as the 'Master Cleanse', is purported to be one of the most effective and gentle detox regimes out there.

It is not exactly a fast, but no solids are consumed for the duration of the diet, which can be a minimum of ten days or a maximum of 45 days.

lemon detox diet

It is also said to be great for helping people overcome the cravings associated with addictions such as cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, junk food and other drugs.

What Happens During the Lemon Detox Diet

Since you are not taking in any solids there is a high chance of constipation. To avoid this senna tea must be consumed every night, and warm saline (salt water) in the morning, both of which have laxative effects and help flush out the body.

The lemon drink itself must be consumed 6-8 times a day for maximum effects and to help ward off against lethargy and starvation.

There will also be side-effects such as extreme hunger pangs, stomach cramps, nausea, possibly vomiting, headaches, irritability and joint pain. Sound like a disaster?

Fear not! – proponents who have successfully completed the detox regime claim feeling much cleaner, fresher and happier at the end of it. So stay true, you will be amply rewarded at the end!

The Lemon Detox has three main functions; assisting in losing weight; ridding the body of unwanted and harmful foreign bodies, and increasing energy.

Getting off the Detox

But careful now. The first thing you will want to do is launch straight into your steak and gravy, which will be a recipe for dietary disaster.
You haven't taken in any solids for about ten days, so it's generally best to take it easy, drinking about 6-8 glasses of orange juice the first and second day.

Move on to fresh fruits for lunch and raw veggies for dinner on the third day, and finally some light fresh vegetable soup for lunch and dinner on the fourth day.

After that you should be ready to eat smaller portions of regular food with no problems.

Mixing up the Lemon Squeezy

Making this drink is actually pretty simple, hence the title. You take one cup (about 8 oz) of warm water, 2 tablespoons of pure lemon juice (best to squeeze it fresh from lemons yourself, minus the pulp and seeds), 2 tablespoons of either pure maple syrup or fresh sugarcane juice (if you live in an Asian country) and a small pinch of cayenne (red) pepper.

Do NOT use honey at all, that's a big no-no.

Health Considerations and Cautions

There are no peer-reviewed studies confirming any of the above claims and nor should this lemon detox diet be taken at face value.

It is recommended to discuss this diet thoroughly with your physician and do your own research from reputable sources before going ahead with the Lemon Detox. This applies especially if you are on certain medications that you expect to continue taking during the course of the detox.

In any event, go over the plan with your physician, nutritionist or dietician first and get checked up a couple of times during the detox to make sure it isn't doing you more harm than good.

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