How to make a Website

My best recipe for creating a weight loss website

How to make a Website was a question I asked myself some years ago. Similar to finding the perfect weight loss program in the "diet jungle" – I was lost in World Wide Web with many get-rich-quick schemes and Webhosting hypes.

Read here how and where I’ve found the recipe for building a successful online business. In the video below you’ll see the life quality I’ve gained in return. Here is my recipe for building a successful online business!

Finding the perfect diet was as difficult as finding the perfect webhost!

I’ve found the best concept for the cabbage soup diet already more than twenty years ago, by doing many researches. I unfortunately had to test several weight loss programs (not really healthy programs) before I’ve found my best soulution.

The successful cabbage soup diet helped me not only to shed my pounds but it was also the first weight loss concept that lead to a whole lifestyle change. Of course it was a big advantage for me that I loved the taste of cabbage already from my childhood….
Finding the perfect webhosting company that showed me how to make a website was not much easier...

My motivation to build a Website

For many years I’ve had worked in the field of marketing for different companies. Working in marketing means often dedicating 12 hours a day for this job – and this is no exception. I loved that work and enjoyed it. But I felt already in that time, that this job wont’t be really compatible with my way of life as soon I would have a family.

We were rarely together as a family.

When my daughter was born ten years ago I’ve had the opportunity to work from home for my last company. Of course it was a wonderful working option. But guess what – working for this company didn’t feel the same anymore as the time before family life.

Although I worked from home I had to stay in close relationship to my company and travelled many times. The reality: We were rarely together as a family.

I've had a dream

I've had a dream... a dream, of being my own boss while working from home. I wanted be there for my family, helping others and do the things I love and I’m passionate about. My plan was to build a profitable online business – from home.

I've really found it!

I was searching for the best webhost - preferably an all-in-one-package and this for a reasonable price. I didn’t want to deal with the technical stuff but write about things I’m passionate about. After many months of internet research I’ve really found it. This is now more than 10 years ago. I’ve found Site Build it! (SBI) and created this website:

I've built already several other websites

In the meantime I've built several other profitable websites with this SBI concept. And this in English, although - you guess it - English isn't my mother language...
By the way I'm born and live in Germany for four decades.

I receive many grateful E-mails

With the help of Site Build It, I could transform my nutrition knowledge into a very valuable website. I share here my experience, and help others with weight loss problems. In the meanwhile I have a growing community of cabbage soup diet fans who visit my website regularily. I get over 30.000 vistors per month while the visitor stream is steep growing.

One of the best things: I receive many grateful e-mails from people who lost weight with this concept and managed to change to a healthy lifestyle without investing any money. This makes me very happy.

The blueprint for a profitable Online Business

Many of my website visitors ask me, who I am, and why I’m sharing so much informations about weight loss for free. Most of them don't realise the monetizing options you have with a content website - although the visitor doesn't pay anything for these informations. But as soon as you know more about this concept, you'll understand how you can make money of website content and many visitors.

I hope this page could answer the most important questions you have had, concerning my motivation to build this website and how to make a website.

The biggest part of this success I owe Solo Build It! and my family who supports me. SBI delivered me a blueprint and the tools for a profitable online business. The advantage of this type of online business:

· no capital needed
· comfortable, you work from home
· flexible working hours
· independent – you are your own boss
· it’s fascinating, motivating and it makes fun
· great longterm perspectives

Do you have a dream too?

What is your passion? Maybe you would like to make some of your dreams come true, too. Detect your passions, achieve your dreams. A fascinating future is waiting for you with Solo Build It.

Good luck to you and warmest regards,


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